I’ve not talked much about the Zimmerman Trial here.   But I feel like I want to vent my spleen about this.  Please bear with me here.

The prosecution has turned this into a huge clusterfuck, obscuring Florida Law and interjecting race as an issue to pander to the media hype.  In the prosecution’s argument they railed that Zimmerman wasn’t afraid when he got out of the car because he had a gun on him.  As if there was something wrong with that.  Being Afraid isn’t a condition that shows premeditation to murder.  Being afraid was what happened after Travon started bouncing Zimmerman’s head off the concrete like he was dribbling a basketball.  And according to Florida Law, that’s all Zimmerman needed to legally justify his use of deadly force.  The fact Zimmerman had a legally carried and conceal pistol on him did not justify Travon for ambushing and attacking him.

Travon was a drug using thug and attacked Zimmerman.  Zimmerman exercised his human right to self defense.  Travon died not because Zimmerman had a gun and had murderous intent.  Travon died because he was a violent thug that attacked another human being who in this case, was able to use lethal force.  The violent thug got what he deserved.  Simple as that.

The Race Card being thrown out by the Media and the Prosecution is disgusting.  They took a simple case according to Florida Law and turned it into a pathetic media circus.

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  1. If Zimmerman gets convicted you can bet this trial will become case law for self defense shootings…and we really don’t want that.

  2. So, one problem. Zimmerman had no need to follow or confront Trayvon. He did not have to leave his car, he did not have to approach him. He did not have to confront him. I am not sure it can count as self defense when you start the fight. Treyvon is 17 years old, he sees a strange man follow him in a car, make phone call, argue, hang up and get out of the car and start following him. The strange man, at least twice his age approaches him and confronts him. In his shoes, anyone would be scared. The only witness to who attacked first is the survivor, and the only one with a gun. I do not believe that a 17 year old boy was able to completely overpower a grown man who is an active member of the neighborhood watch and create the need of injecting a handgun into a fistfight.

      1. He did not have an “obligation” to stay in his car. Much like he did not have an “obligation” to comply with law enforcement.

        He was told by the 911 operator to not engage.

        1. You are right. And he turned around and headed back to the car when Travon jumped him.
          Travon is dead because Travon was a thug who attacked another human being.
          End of Story.

    1. Also, TM was an experienced fighter, and participated in MMA style street fights.
      GZ was a soft man with less fighting skill.
      Looking at injuries on both parties, TM used violence of action to take immediate control of the fight.


    2. Actually, there are several problems with your “facts”. Zimmerman didn’t “make phone call, argue, hang up”, he was on the phone with 911 the whole time. That’s why we have the 911 recording that was played multiple times during the trial. He got out of his car and was going to try and see where Martin went, because he had lost sight of him. 911 told him they didn’t need him to do that so he turned around and was headed back to his car. That’s when Martin jumped him. So, Zimmerman didn’t start the fight, Martin did. A 17-year old “boy”? There was no “boy” there. He was a young man, in the prime of his life, and since he started it, he already had his adrenaline flowing before he attacked. Zimmerman was getting his head beat in on the sidewalk. He didn’t interject his gun into a “fistfight”, he pulled his gun to save his life. That’s why the police originally found no reason to press charges in the first place. This whole trial only happened because of people with agendas to push.

    3. Martin was a 17-year-old street thug, not some kid. The media just loved playing up the photo of him from years earlier. Go find a photo of what he looked like at the time of the attack. Then compare to Zimmerman. It’s quite clear who had reason to fear for his life, and who did not.

      And it’s also quite clear how blatant the bias in the media was, when they were consistently using a photo which they knew for a fact to be in no way representative of what Martin actually looked like.

  3. As to Martin – play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Be a thug, but realize that getting shot in the chest by one of your intended victims is an occupational hazard.

  4. I have always been a little “itchy” about the Zimmerman incident. I have had a CCW for a number of years. Thinking back on a few of my CCW classes, I always came away with the same message. A CCW does not make you a trained law enforcement officer. Zimmerman was told to wait for a squad car to arrive. If he had not left his car, nothing would have happened. Sure, he has every right to defend himself. However, there was no one in immediate danger and I feel he went looking for trouble. I do feel that he was not guilty of murder. I feel he did use poor judgement.

    1. True. Highlights the use of deadly force. One can be justified in use and that action confirmed by a jury. However, it can cost a ship load of money and potentially living in fear for the rest of your life. Not to mention the psychological harm and potential civil lawsuit.

      I’m still going to carry, but I’m staying out of trouble. I avoid it. I don’t look for it.

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