12 thoughts on “MadOgre.com is CHANGING”

  1. The new site is just that Orge, new. People don’t like change. We’ve had plenty of that the past 24 months or so. But change doesn’t always need to be bad. Find a new theme that you like and go with it. It can always be tweaked. Note that the content is more important than the theme.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Reasons and Advantages of changing and going to this format:
      RSS Feeds.
      Direct Linking to Comments.
      Easy and Fast.. Updating from Netbooks, Cell Phones, cross platforms, etc.

  2. George, anything that makes it easier for you to keep this going is A-OK in my book… not that you need approval to upgrade your blog.
    In the end I believe that everyone will see this as a wise move.
    2 thumbs up for upsetting the apple cart to make pies and apple sauce.


    1. Thanks, brother. I was very uncomfortable with this idea and have been putting it off for years. Nows the time to just do it!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, this is going to help the whole process because archives are done automatically. Posts are categorized and tagged so finding posts about specific subjects are easier… I should have done this years ago.

  3. Hey I went back and found my old comment, forgive me for my boorish reaction, keep up the good work. I actually like your new look!

  4. Ahh, so this is why my old bookmark wasn’t working! As used to the old design as I was, nothing wrong with a little change for the better IMO.

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