The Haley Skimmer Trigger

If you are a Glock Enthusiast like I am, you probably raised an eyebrow at the Haley Skimmer Trigger from   Here’s Haley talking about it:

Now here’s my take on this…  Haley is spot on.  This is a great carry trigger system.  I’ve read several comments that said that this trigger disables a safety, specifically the firing pin block.  This is untrue.

You can see in this picture, a new firing pin block.  It’s the small silver plunger near my little grey colored punch.  If you are familiar with the inner workings of a Glock Pistol, you will see that it looks just like a factory OEM part.  All the parts in the Haley Kit are in fact OEM.  So what are you buying?

Well, for one thing you are buying a lot of physical labor and carefully engineered geometry.  Everything that moves is highly polished.  By hand.  Actually, it’s everything that can be polished is polished.  I talked to Jeff at about this.  “You can’t be doing all these triggers by hand… you gotta be using a tumbler.”
“Well the secret is Don.”
“Dawn, the soap?”
“No, Don, my guy that does the expert polishing by hand.”
Had a great conversation with Jeff.  Solid guy.  If anyone has any question about anything from, you can contact them.  Jeff would be happy to explain anything for you.

Back to the polishing.  If it’s metal, it’s polished.  The springs are polished.  All these parts come in the kit, all are OEM Parts, polished in a way exactly like the stock OEM parts are not.  This removes any grit in the action.  There is also a change that removes all the take up slack.  The result is a much shorter, smoother, and crisper trigger than factory stock.  And since these parts are OEM, they are still approved for use by most Police Departments that require only OEM parts.
I know a lot of gunsmiths can do great trigger jobs in Glocks, and you can get great aftermarket parts from our friends at Lone Wolf.  But these don’t address that initial take up, and do things like smooth out the lifting of the firing pin block.  The Skimmer Trigger is an easy to install trigger upgrade that is safe for EDC use.  It was designed for EDC use.  There are other triggers that are a bit more oriented to Competition or such… and that’s great.  But for a Police Officer or Sheriff’s Deputy, or dedicated concealed carry person… You want the Skimmer Trigger.

Can’t leave well enough alone.

Now, a lot of you guys know that i’m a Tinkerer on some things.  Glock Triggers is one thing I like to play around with.  I changed some things around to try out.  I put in a Ghost 3.5 pound Disconnector, and an 8 pound spring (which actually makes the pull feel lighter).  So now this Glock’s trigger is super smooth, with no take up, with a super light and crisp pull.  Glock Perfection, Perfected.  But I would not recommend this combination to anyone that wasn’t a serious and dedicated Glock shooter.


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  1. Even on a 1911 I’d run a trigger with an over travel stop, because with the over travel reduced the trigger is no lighter but it would “feel” lighter to me. I conversed with a 1911 gunsmith online one time and he stated that when he had a customer that nagged him about getting a lighter trigger pull in a carry piece, He would leave the actual trigger pull weight alone at about 4 1/2 pounds but would limit the over travel. To the customer it would feel like the trigger then had a lighter pull.
    Also Glock sponors glock only shooting contests, which I’ve been told are a lot of fun, and they insist on stock parts. With the Simmer trigger you would be good to go.

  2. Implications of changing a factory trigger legal issues? Police Depts will never allow this on duty weapons.

  3. Ah….the way I look at it is that the stock trigger on the Glock is fine for any situation I can think of. Maybe with Mr. Skimmer’s triggers you get a smoother pull, a lighter pull. But in the scheme of things what comes with the Glock is fine.

    1. A Smoother pull is a Better pull. In handgunning, the trigger pull is everything. And it’s a shorter pull. Just fine maybe just fine, but there is a lot of room for improvement. And the Skimmer is a big step up.

      1. I agree Ogre. If there is one weapon it makes the MOST difference on it’s a handgun where trigger weight will sometimes be several times weapon weight and there could be “stacking” or other issues in the pull smotheness from factory.

        Even on a high weight trigger, smoothing it up will help a ton in the percieved weight of pull.

  4. I handled a Glock 30 SF (Short Frame not the 30S a different variant) those bloody bumps on the front of the grip unpleasantly crushed my second finger against the trigger guard. If there a cottage industry in removing them and reshaping the front of the grip?
    Who thinks he will stick with his SWaMPy 9c.

    1. Geoff, there are a lot of guys that are doing mods on their Glocks for the same reasons you have for wanting to mod it. Myself included.
      I’ll take some better photos of my Glock 23 to show just how I did it.
      One of these days I’ll get another Glock and do a video on how to do it yourself.
      As to companies that do it… there are many. The outfit that does Rob Pincus’s stuff is pretty dang good I’ve seen their work first hand.
      Cant’ remember the name though.

  5. After feeling that trigger pretty much back to back with the factory trigger in my 23 Gen4, all I have to say is that I cant wait till they bring out the Gen4 sets.
    It is a night and day difference.
    As a 1911 shooter, I feel that is the trigger Glock should have released in the production models.
    However I can understand that it is not a suitable set up for everyone.


  6. The HALEY “SKIMMER” ENHANCED CARRY TRIGGER SYSTEM gives your Glock the performance of a stock 1911. Manufactured using 100% OEM parts, all of the metal components are individually hand polished to a mirror finish for consistent, reliable action. The mated metal surfaces glide freely across each other, adding a smooth short transition into a predictable wall. The trigger break is crisp and clean, reducing muzzle movement. This is made possible by our unique pre-travel reduction modification, which is non-adjustable. Multiple inspection points are part of the production process. This system is completely drop-in with no fitting required.

    1. I took a training class from Steve Reichert last weekend and ran two different similar Glocks with the biggest difference being one had the SKIMMER TRIGGER and the other did not. I went back and forth on the buzzer between guns. I had a pretty consistent speed difference.
      From the Buzzer:
      Stock: 1.8 and change.
      Skimmer: 1.42.

  7. So you’re saying you put in the Skimmer set, THEN added a 3.5# connector and 8lb spring? So those parts are not from Glock Triggers?

      1. So the Skimmer with the 3.5 Ghost and New York Spring got rid off what little take up it has the Skimmer that is ?

        1. Most all of it, yes. But it’s a bit spendy. I like the Lone Wolf Ultimate Adjustable Trigger better.

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