Dear Utah State Legislature

Dear members of the Utah State Legislature,

Your failure to pass Constitutional Carry was deeply disappointing to me.  Sure the Governor vetoed it, but this is a Governor who is obnoxious and disliked.  He’s a Rino at best, and a total jackwagon on top of that… he’s not going to win the next election.  So what if he vetoed it?  Your Constituents wanted it.  The people who voted you in, wanted it.  It would have put us in line with our fellow western states to the north and south of us.  Colorado is nothing more than Eastern California, and thus doesn’t count… full of Broncos fans anyway.  And Nevada is full of Unionized Gambling Addicts and Whores, so really, they don’t count either.  Arizona, and Wyoming though… Our Brothers!

You’re jobs, by your very title “Representatives” need to represent us.  We wanted Constitutional Carry.  And you guys know it.  It flew through the House and Senate so fast, it was unbelievable… so much momentum.  Only to be stopped by pompous stuffed shirt?  That’s not right.  You guys could have taken it the very next day and Overridden that clown.  You guys could have done that in a matter of minutes.  You had the votes, your just had to cast them one more time… but you couldn’t do it.  That was disappointing, but not as disappointing as what you guys did to the bill along the way.

Somewhere along the way you took Constitutional Carry and ruined it.  You watered it down and made it useless.  Not just useless… but you in fact made it even more dangerous.  Just like the asinine Open Carry Law… you insisted on making concealed carriers run unloaded.  Open carry, unloaded, is dangerous.  It puts the Citizen behind the 8-Ball in reaction to a criminal action.  You in fact, make the Citizen a Target for a criminal attack, because the Criminal knows the Citizen is unloaded!  And you did the same thing to Constitutional Carry?  That’s reckless.  It’s in fact, irresponsible.  Allow me to show you why.

It’s not just about speed, as this young man illustrated.  It’s also adding in unnecessary manipulation that can be fumbled when the defensive tool is needed the most.  A fumble here at such a critical moment could cause the gun to jam, or an accident to happen.  There is no reason to insist on empty chamber carry.  It’s wrong, and I don’t know any professional firearms instructor or expert that advocates it.  You are putting Citizens at greater risk by insisting on Empty Chamber Carry.  You guys need to fix the bill, vote it again and pass it… Then override this Governor who is single handedly blocking what your Constituents want done.

8 thoughts on “Dear Utah State Legislature”

  1. Amen. I live in Georgia and we have concealed carry only. But nothing says we can’t run loaded.

      1. Well, in Utah you can carry open without a permit. The chamber just has to be empty. The law actually says that you can carry a gun as long as it’s not concealed and not loaded. The concealed carry permit exempts you from those requirements.

  2. To comment on the video…it shows the absolute fastest that person can draw rack & fire under the best possible conditions, NOT real world confrontations. Chances are the “victim” would be carrying something like a drink or some bags or even talking on the phone before getting into a bad situation. The video shows that the guy is waiting for the cue to shoot, in the real world he won’t hear a buzzer on when to draw and that right there adds time to an already potentially deadly situation. IMO carrying a pistol with an empty chamber should be a choice, NOT a requirement. Some people actually prefer to carry with an empty chamber, personally I don’t want to be more handicapped than I already am by having to add extra steps in an already stressful situation which no one is 100% mentally prepared for.

  3. One thing that has been happening is that Bloomberg, Soros, Tides Foundation, et. al. have been bribing Governors and legislators in various states, i.e. Colorado, to pass gun control laws. Someone should probably take a good hard look at your governor’s bank acccounts and life style.

  4. Herbert probably just thinks constitutional carry would make things too risky for a stalker such as his son.

    The way things are now he can call up the BCI and ask if any of his sons victims have a ccw permit, so he can advise his son who he can stalk safely. And of course once a girl notices she is being stalked, it is going to be a couple months before she can get a permit. It would be much too dangerous for Nathan if she could start carrying the next day with no advance warning to the state gov.

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