Toyota 4runner

The new 4runner
The new 4runner

I’ve been looking into the SUV market and I’ve grown fond of three of the new models available.  The number 1 and 2 of my choices will be discussed in a future post.  Number 3, I do like a lot, but it is under powered compared to the others, and well… every time I look at it… I think of Cylons.

I could hit that.
I could hit that.


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  1. I really like my 2011 4Runner. Reliable, powerful, good ground clearance, stable on the highway. It would be nice if it had a better spot for the “trunk” gun. Console is big, I’ve thought of having a pistol safe made for it.

  2. No mileage! To speak of that is, we do not have the Euro market turbo-diesels in this country. On the other tentacle you need passenger room like crazy. Can you still get a diesel in an Econoline 150??
    Who drives a Honda Fit S @ 32 MPG.

  3. Toyota has a war named after itself. I don’t think any other manufacturer has that claim to fame.

  4. Wife is pregnant with twins. That makes 7 of us so my crew cab truck must go. I’m looking also, courious to see what your no 1 and no 2 choices are. I’m kinda leaning towards the ford expidition. I get a discount on ford through work, and they didn’t take any bailout money like GM or Chevy.

  5. FWIW we just bought a Honda Pilot in August. We love it. Great in snow, quiet, comfortable ride, good gas mileage for a large vehicle.

  6. I have 2 that I’m seriously considering. The Flex & Explorer. Either one with EcoBoost. They’re very quick, AWD and the Flex is absolutely cavernous. That engine has proven itself to very reliable, and efficient if you can keep your foot out of it. 🙂 I know several people that have that engine in Taurus SHO’s and F150’s, and one Flex, and they’re all more than happy with it. I hope that Ford put it into the Expedition soon.

    1. The Flex driving position is odd. I’m a large guy and I couldn’t get comfortable. The Eco-boost mileage isn’t all that great and the beast is EXPENSIVE for what you get.
      Who had to trade in an old Aerostar, the security guard made me go back and pick up the piece that rusted off.Sigh.

  7. Had two over the years and liked them alot. Not sure why I replaced them…the new ones are not real great on gas and the purchase price for a new one OMFG. Might consider a used one at some point. Bought a used Toy Tundra P/U instead. Fondly remember pushing snow with the front bumper of my old 4Runner to get out of our cabin in the woods and get to work after a major storm in the Pac NW. I was about the only one to make it in that day.

  8. My 99 4Runner just turned over 215,000 miles. I can still get 22-24MPG (this is the V6, w 5-speed and part-time 4wd) with it. On a per-mile-driven basis, it’s probably the cheapest vehicle i’ve ever owned.

    And the warlord jokes are, sadly, true. Go to any third-world country, and while the drug lords and warlords are rocking Mercedes, the grunts will always be wheeling Toyotas or Mitsubishis.

  9. I was wanting a 4Runner for our replacement family car. Problem is, my wife REALLY likes 3 rows for hauling kids, even though we only have 2. I have a 1999 Tacoma that’s been incredibly reliable and cost effective, so am a fan of Toyota.

    For a little more money, I think we’re leaning towards an Acura MDX. It’s less capable off road perhaps, but she’s the primary drive 95% of the time, and it has a lot of soccer mom features.

    Other consideration we had was a 2012 Explorer. We borrowed one to test drive for an afternoon. I really enjoyed it, and couldn’t believe how well it handled given the class of vehicle. Our long time mechanic told us if we’re loyal Toyota buyers, we may be disappointed with owning a Ford Explorer in the long run. As he explained, it’s well built, but won’t have the degree of hassle free ownership past 100K as toyotas or acuras do.

  10. A couple of Toy lovers have complained about recent cars compared to their older versions. I just prefer the Honda seating positions in every class.
    Who will see.

  11. I love it when someone remarks that a newer SUV is underpowered. Kids these days just don’t think a rig has the barries unless it can charge up a 10% grade pulling max tow weight at 75.

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