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Okay, earlier this week my Publisher hired a Publicist for me. This is a good thing and will eventually lead to increased book sales and untold wealth whereby I can by my secret lair under a volcanic island.
After not hearing anything for a day, all the Publicist has been busy.  I’m lined out on Radio Interviews. 

Today, I’ve just done a few, but tomorrow will be rather heavy.  The topic at hand is the Chris Dorner case in California.  This case is a big snarly one that needs to be examined carefully.  Not just about how and why Chris Dorner snapped, but also the LAPD’s response and how they pursued him.

The case is interesting on several fronts, but only until you read the Manifesto does it become clear that this wasn’t just a man with grievances  but a man that was smart, educated, and he just went completely nuts.  In one part, he details his grievances very clearly.  In another he pretty much declares war on the LAPD.  And then another he gives Shout Outs to Celebrities… His letter has great detail on some things, but then tracts off course into wild tangents.  What it is, is he was saying goodbye to the world.  He had no intention of being taken alive.

Regardless of how freaked out the LAPD was, it did not justify some of their actions.  Lighting up trucks that looked like Dorner’s for example.  Target Identification anyone?

7 thoughts on “What’s going on…”

  1. Would you say aggressive manhunt or fear and paranoia by the LAPD?

    Also, in cash strapped California, they managed to scrap up a $1M reward from somewhere.

  2. Good to hear about the publicist! There’s probably great deals on volcanic islands with underground lairs right now. You might try one of those foreclosures websites.

  3. Volcanic ? I thought you would go with the classic skull island.

    The Dorner thing was interesting. One man had the entire LA police department so scared
    that they were shooting at shadows. One guy. The whole police department. Jumpy as a
    ten year old after watching his first slasher flick.

    I do not agree with or condone his actions, I certainly don’t agree with his philophisy, but I
    don’t think he deserved to be burned alive.

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