I can’t Mom.

Teaching our children about Patriotism… respecting the flag… all that…

“I can’t, Mom.  This isn’t the country you taught me about.”

Ouch.  The boy speaks a painful truth.   He’s right.  This isn’t the country I and my brothers swore oaths to defend.   Especially when you consider Day Time Curfews…

My Bride was talking about them this morning.   I actually hadn’t heard about them.   Day Time Curfews that are springing up across the country.  Provo Utah is looking at passing such an ordinance. (Link opens a PDF) Anchorage Alaska has passed it.   Day Time Curfews, aimed at controlling Gangs actually restricts Liberty like a bully putting you in a choke hold.  School Aged Kids, (up to the age of 18) can’t be out in the town.  Even if the child is with an Adult.   Like my kids, who Home School… they can’t go to the Museum or a Gallery, or with me to freaking Lunch at McDonalds.  My 17 year old who takes college classes – Can’t go take college classes!  The parents would get a fine of 60 bucks.  And eventually harsher penalties.

WTF?  Where is my “FREE COUNTRY”?

Here is what people need to do.  Find everyone on these City Councils.  Publish their Names, Photos, and Addresses and let everyone know that THESE are the people that are killing liberty on the Local Level.

7 thoughts on “I can’t Mom.”

  1. Yup, 11:00 pm on weekdays and 12:00 pm on weekends but kids can be with an adult past curfew.

    Kids who are in tournaments often play past midnight in the playoffs here in MN. All it takes is one ref not showing up and it throws everything behind schedule.

    This is a big youth sporting state so I don’t see that happening here.

  2. It isn’t the painful truth.

    The flag stands for the republic. It stands for liberty, and justice for all. The flag does not represent corrupt politicians and their vomit. Let your kids respect the flag and love what it stands for, with the understanding that what it stands for is under attack and needs their generation to rescue and restore it.

    1. I know where you are coming from… but I think you missed the gist. It isn’t just about the flag and symbol. It’s about the national situation in total and the

  3. This is a problem that existed before thein ink was dry on the Constituion, sadly. Starting with Hamilton’s dark side, there have always been elements within the Republic that seek to control their neighbors. since the 2nd half of the 19th Century, sadly enough, this elment has only grown.

  4. Do you have a source I can check for a daylight curfew in Anchorage? I live in Anchorage, have two young daughters, and have NEVER heard of this. Looking on the Internet, and two sources of local news produced nothing on this. There has been a teen curfew since 1996, 11p weekdays and 1a on weekends. Anchroage has a huge amount of homeschooled children. I just can’t see something like this going through.

    1. My wife was reading a report out loud to me from across the room… it included Anchorage. Perhaps it is something City Council is looking at as well as Provo.

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