3 thoughts on “SHOT 2013, AREA 51”

    1. It’s a good margin thinner, if this is the ultimate desire. Thin like that also makes it uncomfortable to hold and less pleasant to shoot.

      1. I’ll bet it is. Even a tiny 9mm can be a little snappy in the recoil department. I can only imagine what the .45 XDs is like to shoot.

        I hate that everything is always a compromise. Make it small enough to carry everywhere, and it’s hard to shoot. Make it easy to shoot, and it’s too big to carry everywhere.

        I like the G-26, but it’s a little thick for pocket carry. Most of the time I carry IWB, but there are times I like to be able to slip my gun into a pocket holster and throw it in a pocket, especially right now when it’s freezing and I’m always wearing a thick, buttoned-up winter coat. The thinner XDs would fit the bill nicely for this use, I think, though it is a bit large for some pockets.

        I’ll probably wait until the XDs-9 has been out awhile to see whether or not this gun is reliable. I don’t like being one of the Guinea pigs for new guns, especially when it comes to pocket pistols.

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