Dear Beretta

I’m a fan of your guns, I really am…  But it seems you have a hole in you line up that needs filled.
You guys need to come out with a simple, slim, low bore axis, striker fired pistol.
No rotational locks, slide mounted safety, or anything else that adds width.  You teased us with the Nano… We know you could do it.  Yes, I’m saying Beretta needs to make a Glock.  Imagine a pistol with Glock-like simplicity, but with some Italian good looks and feel.  Actually, look hard at the Caracal pistols.  That trigger is fantastic.  I could have one… And I want one… But something about it is off.  I know Beretta could do a better job of it.
The action of the 92 is interesting, and applied to a striker gun could be something fantastic.  If it could be done slim wise.

5 thoughts on “Dear Beretta”

  1. Respectfully, you can have your striker fired polymers. I will stay with metal and a sa/ da auto that gives a second strike capability on a bad primer while performing immediate action. If I want to go super slim and am willing to give up second strike will go with an old Colt hammerless pocket pistol of JM Browning design.

  2. My instant disqualifier for the Cheetah is its caliber, .380. The much smaller Nano is 9mm and the look of the Cheetah begs for 9mm like its little brother.

  3. I want a return of the Centurion! give it the 90-two treatment and it would be freak’n fantastic.

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