Winter Ride with Moose Ears.

Okay, so the KTM is so far doing just fine in the snow. Save for the small “Endurance” LCD dash/trip computer… which died on me. So I have no speedo or Odometer… which is no big deal.
The bike handles as I expected it too in the snow, or even a little better.  This is what I like about the KTM, the stability.   Other bikes, when they lose traction, just seem to say “Oh to hell with it.”  The KTM seems to fight to find traction anywhere.  Standing on the pegs, you can just let the bike squirm around under you, hunting for some grip.  The cold didn’t even bother me.  Thanks to the combo of the moose-ears and the long johns, it’s not so bad.


This is a case of “If it’s stupid, but works, then it isn’t stupid.”  It looks stupid.  But it works.  Very well.  Normally on my ride to work I’ll lose feeling in my hands even before half way there.  Now, it’s not a bother.  The Moose Ears are actually my name for them… they are actually ATV Handlebar Mittens from an outfit called “Classic” that makes lots of ATV stuff.  Never thought I’d buy anything from them, as I don’t have an ATV.   But I was lookinat the ATV area of Basin Sports and was straightening things out there and I had this set that was the last pair and kinda in the way.  I thought “Hell, I should just buy them to get rid of them.”  And then I thought, “Hell yeah, I should buy them!”  The Mittens look like Moose Ears, so that’s what I call them. They are a huge help.   I’d rather have a set of Hippo Hands, as they are made for Motorcycles. These Classics are made for ATV’s. There is a difference. But the Moose Ears cost me 10 bucks, so I’ll call it good.

I am optimistic about my chances of surviving the Winter now. Every other Rider that I know of has now parked it for the remainder of the season. I am the only one left on two wheels that I’ve seen in the last week. I think I’m kinda nuts here… but then again, if certain things hadn’t happened that did happen, what would have happened was that would be driving a 2006 F-150 Crew Cab right now. Black. With a lift. Four Wheel Drive. And a heater. Oh well.

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  1. I remember seeing a photo of a KTM bike with a small fly screen on it. It was an Australian site and it said the bike had a KTM windshield adapter that fit around the headlight that you mounted the wind screen on. You might check with your KTM dealer…of course they probably would want a first born child for the set up. Give might have something but I can never navigate their website.

  2. Tell me more about how the computer readout died. Do you suspect water(melting snow/rain) caused it? If so drop it by the house, I can get rid of the water.

        1. It’s off the bike and sitting under a lamp. No sign of condensation under the screen.
          I’ll check it out again in the morning. The computer will only turn on when it’s connected to the dock and has signals from the pickups.
          I’m thinking that after it warms up again, it should work once it’s plugged back onto the bike. If not, then the unit is DOA and I’ll have to get a replacement or warranty repair. But I’m betting it will work again. These are noted as being tough little units.
          We shall see.

  3. I found wearing zip-up coveralls worked well in the cold weather when we did our half-winter Sierra run from Quincy down through Truckee and Yosemite. I had The Iron Pig (XR650L) then and WISHED I had put a little Rifle windscreen on it like I’d seen some do. That would have been easy but I was stupid lazy.

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