School Shootings

Once again we see the Failure that is the Gun Free Zone.  Historically this concept has been proven time and time again that it doesn’t work.  Even in places were access to guns is limited, we see a report of a madman in China that used a knife to slash 22 children.

What we need is an Active Defense Measure.  We need our schools and other institutions to have people on staff at all times that are Trained and Armed.
We can not Educate our Children if we can not Protect our Children.

But this is not going to happen.  As a result of this new school shooting, you will be able to see a massive sweep to outlaw semi-automatic rifles, ban handguns, do everything they can to crush our ability to stand up to a tyrannical government or defend our homes.  This is the beginning of the end for American Liberty.

What the response should be, is that Every Responsible Adult be encouraged to pack a gun for defense and have access to a rifle.  Evil is not stopped by giving in to it or running away from it… and what we have seen today is truly Evil.  Evil that ran unchecked.

Our prayers are with the families of the dead and injured…

17 thoughts on “School Shootings”

  1. The Isrealis armed the kibbutz school teachers and volunteers at frontier settlements, and terror attacks subsided. Think the Goyem will ever figure it out?

  2. Unfortunately these episodes feed on each other. The Media covers this to the extent of immortalizing the tradgedies, guranteeing immortality to future psychos.

  3. A perfect, peaceful society (Utopia, Zion) can’t exist, unless the entire populous is willing to be of the same mind. Until then determined killers will find a way to do evil. Horrifically, many methods of murder have been created, with more expected to come. Radical screening procedures of the TSA have changed air travel significantly, but terrorist still develop new bombing methods to attempt to defeat them. America, we can bravely find a better way. We need to find out the why, before using emotional reactions to alter our heritage. These massacres are truly terrible and evil. I fear (and there is already evidence of it in the UN Treaty)that there are politicos scheming to cunningly use these tragedies to take advantage. They believe THEY know what is best for Americans today (but have unhealthy pride). Unfortunately, a people is easier to manipulate when they are scared and vulnerable. In God We Trust.

  4. If they banned guns this kind of thing could not happen. I mean you could not do this kind of thing with a knife right? Really though I wish someone at that school would have had the courage and foresight to have the tools to make a stand.

  5. In the face of this tragedy, we must offer our prayers and condolences to the grieving community, however, in the face of this tragedy, we as advocates of our Constitutional rights MUST remain steadfast and resolute in the ongoing fight against the antis. We must continue to be the calm voice of logic, reason and common sense, while refusing to give an inch! This outrageous, heinous and cowardly act committed by a clearly deranged individual, has now given our Socialist in Chief the opportunity he needed, to begin the assault on the 2nd ammendment, after all, to quote the former WH Chief of Staff and current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, “You never want to let a crisis go to waste.”
    If we want to turn back the coming assaults on our freedom, we must, as a community of like minded people, remain vigilant, and increase our level of activism. I for my part, will do all I can to get new folks to join the NRA, and I’m going to become more publicly vocal in challenging the poor, miguided attitudes of the antis.

  6. A failure of parental responsibility and probably professional dereliction of duty. safeguard guns when you have spawned a nut. Stop believing in “normalization” in schools for the seriously different, too bloody stressful for the afflicted. Explore fantasies rather than just medicating. Sad,sad, sad.

  7. How do you keep wolves out of your sheep? Lambs safe at night? Not with signs and fences, those have a place…but the determined predator will always get around them. You use sheepdogs. It’s as old as shepherding. Active defense. You gotta have it. I still remember watching the VA Tech coverage – I went to a college like that, that could have been me. My school, my friends…that’s when I vowed never again. That’s why I carry. I refuse to lay down and be a victim and watch the wolves ravage.

  8. Here in the UK the comments sections of news websites are full of individuals lining up to ‘educate’ Americans on how they should run their own country. Apparently the fact that we haven’t run America in well over 200 years is lost on them. Then again many of them also think that the second ammendment refers to government run military forces anddon’t know the difference between semi-automatic and fully-automatic. One that actually is aware of the difference states that no army in the world issues a fully-automatic weapon to its troops.

  9. What bothers me is that shows such as Meet The Nation note they invited those congressmen who support the NRA to come on and note again NONE accepted the invitation. And yet a blowhard, Diane Feinstein, is front and center in the camera with her nonsensical dribble.
    At least someone noted that people such as Michael Bloomberg (didn’t mention Feinstein but should have) should not be allowed on any ‘expert’ panel discussion for going forward on how to address the violence in this country; and, there were attempts to bring the conversation back to this country’s “Mental Health Care” system as the first place to begin any discussion involving these tragedies. However, by-and-large, get ready for some very intense erosion of rights (which to the outspoken, our Forefathers never intended as to be so misconstrued as we’ve supposedly done–I guess everyone is an authority on the state-of-mind of our Forefathers — must have been much better “mental health care” going on then).
    Further when police chiefs, getting some limelight, say they’re hearing over-and-over that something about these military weapons with high capacity magazines needs to be done. Mr Police Chief, how long did it take you to respond? How long did it for an assessment of the situation to take place? No, you blather because you seem to think only policemen can be trusted with a weapon and you’ve got your 15 seconds on fame.
    Erosion, erosion, erosion coming with, I’d guess, surtaxes on ammo, magazines, etc.

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