Hordecasting with Spreecast

Check this out guys.  Wed Nights, Hump Nights, I’ll be doing a live Spreecast at 8PM MST, or shortly there after.

We tried it out twice today.  In the afternoon and at 8pm.  Both times the results were very positive.  The second time we had 10-12 people, very interactive, and a lot of fun.

I have some plans for this for tomorrow night’s Regularly Scheduled Show.

4 thoughts on “Hordecasting with Spreecast”

  1. Great show, keep up the good work…

    And seriously, I jest about the 10mm ammo, I reload for it, and I have a substantial amount of Winchester silver tips in my personal stash. My G29 is by far my Favorite gun..I Chose the 29 knowing ammo is scarce, but I now have 3 barrels for it. Thats versatile..

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