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Huh… You never see them together…

The first time I saw that picture on Drudge Report, for some reason I instantly thought of Hellraiser… and the weird doctor monster that says “I suggest amputation.”

But the picture of Nancy really matches this monster from Hellraiser, named “Chatter”.
I am now convinced that Nancy Pelosi is a Cenobite. If you think about it, it does explain a great many things.

Yeah… She is.

I suggest amputation.


  1. 11/18/2012    

    There is a large, domed building in D.C. that is riddled with malignant tumors. It should be excised with prejudice…and the rest of the city can be amputated to ensure this particular cancer remains in remission.

  2. Sicktone's Gravatar Sicktone

    “Oh…sweet suffering…”

  3. 11/18/2012    

    Hey George, I don’t mind you putting up that picture of Nancy Pelosi in the middle, but could you warn us about the images of the inhuman monster from hell either side? Kids could be reading this and their parents will rightly blame you for the nightmares.

    • Fak awf's Gravatar Fak awf

      Seriously? I was more scared of the Nancy Pelosi picture. Don’t be a wet blanket.

  4. Curtis's Gravatar Curtis

    Great, who’s been playing with the freaking puzzle box?

  5. Ken O's Gravatar Ken O

    I think Geiger did Pelosi’s facelift.

  6. Kevin's Gravatar Kevin

    she makes you almost pray for a plane crash.

  7. aikorob's Gravatar aikorob

    This looks like a “before” picture in an ad for intestinal blockage. Too much salad—-maybe feed her some venison and gravy?

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