Half way through Beretta Month.

Let’s see… We’re at the half way point.
What are my impressions?

I’m well pleased with the Beretta.  The Size and Weight, I was expecting to become a problem.  The gun is heavier than anything else I’ve carried these last few years and it does pull my belt down on one side a bit.  But then again, I’ve also lost a lot of poundage and the belt is looser than it as ever been.   I prefer to use Pancake style OWB holsters for comfort, and this probably helps a great deal.  But do to the overall size of the Beretta, I have found that it can print depending on what I am wearing… namely a loose fitting Under Armor Polo if I lean forward or bend down to pick something up.  Other than that, the gun stays well hidden and doesn’t cause any problems.   The length of the barrel, being that full length fighting gun, does mean that the holster can at times Peakaboo out from under a jacket or shirt tail or sweater.  But since this is fall, if I’m not working, I favor nice baggy hoodies anyways so this is no problem.

I still love the Full Size feel and the confidence this gun radiates.  The accuracy is great and I can hit very well with it.  I’ve changed the thick rubber grips off of it for OEM polymer grips, which may seem like a downgrade, but they fit my hand so much better, so it’s a plus for me.  I am liking the Beretta more and more as time goes on.  I am not ready to give up on my Glocks any time soon… but the Beretta is indeed going to be a regular gun in the carry rotation from now on.  I intend to use this in more active roles now.  I should have used it at the MAG-40 class, where I am confident that I could have scored my 300 instead of the 298.

The downsides to the 92FS as a Daily Carry Gun.  A.  It’s size.  It IS just a very large handgun and if this was the peak of summer, packing it concealed would be more of a problem as I can’t wear Hoodies.  Packing it Open Carry, like I can do around here easily, does attract a few eyeballs, but no one has said anything.  It’s more overt than my smaller, less interesting Glocks.  B.  I wish the 92FS’s used a Dovetailed front sight post.  While this pistol does have Night Sights, being a former LEO weapon, I would have loved the chance to tap in a different front sight post, such as a Mepro or a Big Dot.

So to sum this up, I’m giving it an 8 out of 10 at this point.

4 thoughts on “Half way through Beretta Month.”

  1. There’s something to be said for carrying a full sized gun, it’s one of the few things I have to look forward to when winter rolls around in the PNW and I’m faced with the prospect of 7 months of rain and hoodies.

  2. Fun posts to read as I nostalgically turn away from the plastic wonders.

    The 92FS is so sexy and I would love to have one. But for a service 9 DA/SA, I’d probably gravitate to the P226…..maybe.

    Then again, there are so many great service 9s out there. I’m probably missing the boat by not having a CZ 75 B or 75 SP-01 in the stable, or BHP….it goes on and on.

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