No Glock November

It started as a challenge. A gauntlet thrown. No Glocks for the Month of November, just Beretta, and specifically, just the Beretta 92FS, which I just happen to have.  I can’t give the details, or any better explanation… but I have my reasons.

I came into the Beretta 92FS which was owned by my Brother, which was owned by my Friend, which was owned by evidently a Cop according to Beretta.  But all that is not important.  The important bit is the challenge its self.  The fact that the Beretta is “Too Big” and “Too Heavy” and it has the Safety in the wrong place and it’s just wrong to Carry and that you can’t do it.  Well, yeah, I can, and I am.  In fact, it’s mostly Open Carried when not at work, which is no big thing out here in my part of the world.  Lots of guys Open Carry around here.  And since the Election, the numbers of Open Carry that I’ve seen has gone through the roof.

Back to the Beretta.  I got it well used.  Thanks to another friend at Beretta, I’ve changed the locking block, springs, and the grips back to OEM.  This required the grinding of the Grip Screws as they were too long and locked the magazine in tight like it was bolted in… because it was.  So I had to shorten them.  This took all of 4 Minutes.  The thicker rubber grips were just a touch too thick for my hands. With the OEM’s back on, I like it much better.  Fits my hand and points better for me.  I am digging the gun.  It’s a good 92, and according to Beretta it’s a Law Enforcement gun that came from the factory with Night Sights.

So now that everything is ready for duty, I’m going to pack nothing but this Beretta for the rest of the month.  No 23’s, no 22’s, no 17’s… Not even an M&P, and no 1911’s. Just Beretta, and just this 92FS.
All carry and all pistol shooting is Beretta.  This is going to be a challenge because I am so used to the Glocks.  My G23 in my Adams Holsters Sharkhide rig has been a part of me.  I am no stranger to the 92.  I had one before, years ago.  I sold it and got a CZ-97B, and that turned into another gun that I don’t remember… Springfield maybe.  Yeah, that’s what it was.  But I had a nice 92 that I had picked up almost brand new.  To be honest… as much as I liked it… I wasn’t that good with it.  Well, I’m a much better handgunner now, so I’m not bothered with going from crisp single action like triggers to this DA/SA style.

Another challenge was thrown and accepted.  Next month, it’s SIG.

7 thoughts on “No Glock November”

  1. I tell you what George, you do whatever you want to do…I won’t judge. Believe it or not but I’m carrying a SIG 250 Compact 9mm now and I don’t care what anyone thinks. I admit to hating them simply because it was cool to bash them but I handled a used one that just felt right with a very smooth trigger…250.00 later and it followed me home. Great gun for a great price. You do what you do with your Baretta, you’ll get nothing but a thumbs up from me.

    1. US Air Marshals use the P250’s. As does Tom Cruise in Knight and Day. And you… Which are the only people that I know that use them.
      I don’t mind them at all. I think they have great DAO triggers. Super smooth. I found them easy to make good solid hits with. Not a bad choice.

    2. I don’t own or carry a 250 but I’m kind of annoyed by all the flak they get, mainly from people who just can’t figure out how to shoot double action. The Beretta 92 on the other hand.. I’ve been known to CC a SIG P220 every now and then and even the 92 seems “too big” to me, so I’m looking forward to an after-action report in a month and see how it faired, Tired of reading about tiny little pocket guns for CCW.

  2. I’m curious as to what your choice of leather will be. PXs/clothing sales from Lewis to Stewart sell every config of OPEN CARY option (or at least they did three years ago) for it. It’d be a beast concealed though (not withstanding Utah winter weather)

  3. Maybe you might borrow the Beretta Mini-Cougar 8045, that your wife likes so well, if you get in a jam needing to conceal. It is still a Beretta, only smaller. BTW, do you ever get any Mini-Cougars in the shop for sale? If so, which models?

  4. I fell in love with the M-9 in Iraq. Now im packing a 96D. What can i say, i love it. It came with rubber grips and night sights. At work i use Glocks. I like the Glock. I shoot well with it and have no complaints, but when im off duty, beretta.

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