The Perfect Line

There is no feeling like finding the perfect body position, leaning the bike over… you have the perfect entry speed… and you find that perfect line.  You and your bike are one and you cut the apex like a Neurosurgeon.  The aches and pains from a long day at work are far behind you.  You don’t feel your age anymore.  You just feel the Speed and the Road, and the Revs of the Engine as you look through the turn at what’s out there.  The tires are gripping, but at that hairy edge… but you roll on the throttle and bust out of the curve like a Patriot Missile, just almost kissing the outside of the lane.  The perfect line.

There is no other feeling like it.  None.

I had that Perfect Line tonight.  My God it was amazing!  My knee had been hurting bad. But then suddenly… I didn’t feel it anymore. Lost in the unadulterated thrill of murdering that apex and I could feel the front tire raise off the ground at the exit. It was like a beautiful High that I wish you guys could have felt. I wish you could have been there!

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Line”

  1. Cool commentary. I’ve felt a few times on my motorcycle…sweet indeed. You Rock Blog Father.

  2. I have laid on the power early and striped the exit to a corner.
    I have never done it on purpose.
    After the initial millisecond of uncertainty… it was like a zen moment roosting thru the corner and onto the straight.
    I feel what you are talking about.


  3. Let me tell you, there is nothing in this world like racing a motor cycle in the rain. Lots of racer hate it. While I don’t look forward to it, so far every time I have done it, it has been magical.
    I have never been the over aggressive always have to be first type of guy. Because of this I rarely win races on a dry track(normally top five or so) but put me on a wet track and something changes. My normal smoothness is perfect for this and I get into a groove I rarely find on a dry track. Everything goes silent and its like I’m in a tunel just me and the track, and the occasional dumb ass sliding across the track I front of me. He down shifted one to many gears or braked like he does on a dry track, and splat down he goes.
    In this strange silent world the bike slides and my heart does not skip a beat. I hardly notice and just keep going. It’s strange and hard to describe but I can tell you I wish I could get in this mode on a dry track, man I would be fast.

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