The Caracal

It’s kind of like a cross between a Walther P99 and a Steyr M series. But the Caracal is better than both. I like it. A lot. I loved shooting it at the MAG-40 class, as Zak from Lone Wolf was kind enough to let me shoot it.
I’ve been thinking about thinking about the Caracal a lot since then. I want one.

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  1. Too close to 9/11 to buy a Muslim made anything. Bad enough that I’m forced to get my fuel from them.

    1. Meh.

      People who get wrapped around the axle about buying stuff from the United Arab Emirates (or from “Muslims”) and who do so from a computer made in China, whilst sitting in a chair made in China, etc., etc., ad infinitum tend to make my eyebrows rise.

      “Muslims” and the Arab world in general concern me.

      China scares me.

      Americans who think the UAE is a bigger threat than China terrify me.

  2. I finally got to fondle a few different models this morning…I’m digging the compact pretty hard. It reminds me of my P7 from the rear view, but holds 2x the ammo.

  3. I’ve checked one out. The ergs are simply fantastic in a technical way. But I’m pretty well trained and conditioned to run an M9 and am very pleased with it overall. I’ll stay with what I have, but I do see the draw.

  4. Ogre in the first part of the video it appears you are wearing white socks and no shoes, casual friday?….just saying

    Does this pistol come in a compact version? That grip is a little long for CC. How much for spare mags and how long to get them?

    1. That’s paying attention to some details. Yes, I had taken off my Icon Elsinore Boots. I try to relax when I’m tinkering with guns.
      Yes, there is a Compact version.

      1. The compact holds 15 rounds…should be enough to hold off a small gang. Just might be my next purchase.

  5. I own two Steyr M40’s….can’t like them enough…except to say it would be great to have one equipped in 45acp….the wikipedia listing for the Caracel indicates a 45 version may be available…haven’t seen one for sale, though….in the meantime, my rock island tactical will just have to do!

  6. Every time I look at getting a new carry gun I ask myself, is this better than my Glock23? The answer is usually no unless it is made for a specific purpose (higher power or deep concealment). The Caracal is an interesting pistol, but I don’t think it will pass the Glock test.

  7. Forget the white socks…whats with the blue nail polish sittin’ there amongst all your tools??

    The one thing I have noticed with the Caracal in many videos that I have seen is that some tend to not slide lock on an empty mag. Is this a magazine issue?

    1. Its a thumb issue. Normal thumbs forward grip means you will keep the slide from locking. I’m the same way with SIG P22X pistols. This is a classic Operator Error.

    2. I do the same thing on the XD. Force of habit. I never use the slide release anyway, so it doesn’t really matter to me.

      1. Rob Pincus pointed out in his review that the Caracal’s slide lock protrudes quite a bit further than the Glock’s slide lock. Perhaps an aftermarket part (or a redesign/option offered by Caracal) coming?

  8. Have the UAE decided if they’re our allies or not? Or are they still playing both sides of the fence?

  9. I was hearing that they recalled all of the C versions.
    Unable to repair them they are refunding money.
    I haven’t confirmed this but I saw two youtube videos explaining the issue.

    I just bought a Steyr L9-A1. I can hardly wait for it to arrive

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