Presidential Debate

Last night, like many of you, I watched the debate.
It really was not so much a debate as a severe thrashing.  Without his teleprompter, Obama really showed his lack of experience, qualification, knowledge, and ability.  It was almost painful to watch, which is why I found it to be so delightful.
What makes it so delicious was everything Romney could have said, but didn’t have to.  Obama was up against the ropes almost the whole time.   Romney had loads of ammunition he could have used.  Best to keep that stuff in reserve for the next time.

I woke up this morning optimistic about my country. 

Even the San Francisco Chronicle admitted Romney won the debate… though they used the word “narrowly” 163 times.

14 thoughts on “Presidential Debate”

  1. Eh, always remember to evaluate your approvals through a rational filter.

    I’m not saying you didn’t or don’t.

    I just think we all need to be aware of how our minds work vs. how we think they work.

    Whenever I feel to right about something, I-re read the article “The Political Brain”.

    Sorry if I’m peeing on your lemon tree 😛

  2. Chris, don’t think anyone is saying we’re still not going over a cliff. Most rational people would be happy with having 4 years to try find the hand brake, versus stepping on the gas…

    1. Chris has got a good point. Confirmation bias is powerful stuff. We all believe that Romney is the handbrake but the other side is just as convinced that he’s the gas. I doubt that anyone reading this blog is an “undecided voter” so really we don’t matter in terms of the debate. Just gives us something to brag about or moan over. It’s that wishy-washy minority whose opinions about the thing really matter. Granted, the after-debate news treatment could sway their opinion but if they watch MSNBC/FOX and haven’t been swayed yet I’m not sure it’ll happen now.

  3. i had to turn on MSNBC afterwards to see their spin on it. It was great, they were all cackling like hens that just noticed the fox in the corner of the hen house. I think Chris Mathews was actually crying. They tried to get some kind of slip up from Giuliani but he put the smack down on them. Mancow thought she made a save by slipping in at the end of the Giuliani piece by half-assed getting him to agree that “the rich will pay less taxes under Romney” ooooo scary…

    haven’t had that much fun since the pigs ate my sister… can’t wait for the VP debate, Ryan is going to mop the floor with drunk uncle joe…

  4. I was happy to see Romney not taking any crap and going after Obama with vigor. It appeared that Romney confronted the accuzations from a lot of the political ads numerous times almost to broken record status. Obama was stammering pretty much every time he was challanged and dodged answers to direct questions. I’m hoping to see gas prices being brought up and possibly if the question will ever be raised about a proposed assault weapons ban to Obama.

  5. And O couldn’t even use the “47%” gag line, because 1. most rational people agree with it and 2. that would have opened IWON to what he has said about people/capatalism/military/Rev Wright and on an on. He didn’t want to go there. A good night but still a long way to go to get our country back.

  6. Obarry is going to come out today and lie is butt off, say he won the debate, say he got Romney to show his true colors, say the sky is green and grass is blue and all the little baracketteers will cheer and believe everything he says…

    not sure how they can spin this into a positive but the evil liberals will do it.

  7. I, too, had new hope today. I usually don’t watch the debates as I already have my mind made up by that point but my wife was interested and boy am I glad we did. I loved it and can’t wait for the next one. Obama will be better prepared but I don’t think it will do him any good. After his strong showing last night, it cleared up any lingering doubts I had. I could envision Romney as President ordering spec ops missions, etc and being a Jr. Reagan. I am excited and that’s hard to do. Huzzah!

  8. If Romney wins, that buys us maybe two, three years to get real about our problems and re-charge. No small thing. So the pragmatist will vote Romney-Ryan. But let’s not deceive ourselves. Romney can’t change America 2012, the culture, with tax code tweaks, it would a massive reining of gov’t with all that implies, and Romney himself looks like W. II. I heard too much “compassion” from Romney the other night, and it’s “compassion” that got us where we are as a nation.

  9. I will be happy if Romney gets in and starts the changes we need to stay free without a fight. My REAL hope is Rayn in 2021 if I make it that far…

  10. It is popcorn time! Part of the Main Stream Media has turned on him, the other part is beclowing itself and getting mocked. More and more articles on how messed up the polling is are surfacing.
    As Chris the Anarchangel pointed out, there are trillions of dollars setting out of the economy waiting for the rules to at least be made known and stabilized. If Obamacare gets killed you’ll see manufacturing and medium to small business start to hire again.

  11. It was said that Romney took Obama for a ride cross country on the top of his car….snark snark! Oh God I would LOVE for O to mention Romney’s dog in the next debate and have Romney ask him about the all you can eat BBQ at the Humane Society near the White House. I don’t think I could stand that if it was on national TV I would fall off my chair with delight.

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