I may or may not have been wrong.

When I posted about the one thing to practice… I could have been wrong.
Most of the problems people have with reloading isn’t getting the mag into the gun… It’s just getting the mag. 
It’s more of an equipment management issue than a Shooting Skill issue.
At today’s MAG-40 class, the main issue was aiming.  Keeping your Target Loc

2 thoughts on “I may or may not have been wrong.”

  1. I’ve gotten to the point now where when I run my pistol drills, I spend at least a box of ammo downloading to 1 round in all my mags. Draw, present, press that trigger and break the shot, and mag out mag in. It’s highlighted the fact that I need to get the extended slide release, and has really shown me “hey, you never expect to pop off on a target and go to slide lock”, so what now, Mechwarrior? It really disrupts your thought process, and makes you think before you get back on target. A good drill, I think.

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