A Zeiss scope for the Cheater

Don’t get me wrong… when it comes to shooting, I’m all about Cheating.  I’ll take any advantage I can.

Such as this… The Zeiss Diarange rifle scope.  It may not be cheap… but it’s like an FPS Cheat Code for real life.

It’s got a very solid mounting system, one like none other I’ve seen before… The adapters connect to any Pic or Weaver rail, which is fine…. easily adjustable to fit any length action.  All good.

They slide in the groove under the scope body and can be turned around for optimal fitting as the shooter desires.

It has a built in laser rangefinder, 999 yards, hence the name… and combines that with the excellent Rapid-Z reticle system.  This is an awesome combination.  The only thing it can’t do is dope the wind for you.  The glass is typically Zeiss quality… meaning it’s about as good as it gets.  Eye relief, clarity, brightness, strength of the glass and action.  It’s a great scope.  The readout is clear and bright.

If there is anything wrong with the scope, it’s the price.  It’s Tony Stark Level.  But man… if you have the means… this is it.  A good customer of ours came in and ordered this.  Its not something we would have normally stocked.  It’s that expensive.  This is in a town where the rich guys will buy a teenager with a new license a Lotus Exige and their daughters trips to Paris for a Back to School Shopping Spree. But this is still one of those “If you want it, we’ll get it for you” things.

6 thoughts on “A Zeiss scope for the Cheater”

  1. Cool stuff.

    A prediction.

    Given how cheap computing power and lasers are getting it is only a matter of time before a scope consists of a box with a LCD monitor on one end. All the zooming and ranging etc will be electronic. With that much computing power someone will figure out how to read the wind based on its impacts on the return light from the laser or lasers. The aiming point on the display screen will automatically shift around to show the actual computed POI for the conditions at the moment of display to include altitude, temp, RH, wind, you name it.

    Sounds like DARPA’s OneShot, but you will get it from Bushnell et al first and it will cost under a grand.

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