ZX-11 Update

This last weekend the trip to SLC on the bike was both good and bad.
The bad was because if my knee.  The tendon took a couple minutes to stretch back out.  This meant when I came to a stop, I could only put down my right foot.
That’s not good.  If I tipped to the left, I’d have gone down because I had nothing to stop it.
Once I was rolling though, it was smooth sailing.  The bike loves to cruise.  It ran flawlessly and turned in 48 mpg.  I topped off in Lapoint and didn’t have to gas up again untill I was well into SLC.
On my Magna or Superhawk, I’d have refilled twice more. I’ve never had a bike with this much range.
I couldn’t be happier with the Kawasaki.

12 thoughts on “ZX-11 Update”

    1. I give the Gold Wing crowd a hard time… Calling it the Florida Retirement for Motorcyclists. That’s actually pretty wrong.

      That would be a Harley Trike.

      And I’m no where near there. I’d opt for a Concourse 14.

  1. Feel free to contact me regarding your bum knee. Free advice…trust me..I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Sportsmedicine AND a motorcycle rider…most think its an odd combo..I say screw em…live a little…

  2. It sounds like your bike is perfectly tuned to get that milage from such a large sport bike. My old ZX10 was a bit of a gas hog but she wore a tuned pipe and the jets were on the large side (which led to other problems…but that’s another story) and I would go from Ramstein to Bitburg with a little under a gallon left in the tank.

  3. pshaw!! You want range, you want a Honda ST1300. Comfort, range, power, range, weather protection, range, carrying capacity, range.

    Did I mention it has range? 7.7 gal tank.

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