Crusader Contest

I have a couple Crusader Jackets here at Ogre Ranch.  Joe gave them to me to pretty much do with what I want.  Wear them… give them to my kids…

But I think I’ll put them to better use.  Slipstream sales have slacked off… that’s the problem with making a product that the more someone uses, the less they need.

So I am looking for people to start Dealer Programs or to get your local gun dealer to carry Slipstream.  If you can start your local dealer carrying Slipstream, I will send you one of these jackets.  Say, the first 3 will get jackets, and the last one will go into a drawing for those after the first three.

19 thoughts on “Crusader Contest”

  1. You should start a Slipstream multimarketing scheme.

    Get enough dealers under you, and Ogre will buy you a used Honda bike!

      1. Tiny left shoulder Satan: “Do it! You know you want to! Get rich on their efforts for you!”

  2. Slack sales.

    Sad. Slipstream is the shit. I’ll order some more even though I’m not out yet. Be a damn shame if that stuff went dodo.

  3. What do you need to setup as a distributor? Minimum order,etc…

    If one more person tells me “Ahhh, that there remoil is good enough.” I may see if Slipstream slicks up the brain-housing group.

    1. Yeah two case buy in. I suggest a case of both oil and grease just to get you set. After that you can buy single cases and even a half and half case.

  4. I can say that it’s a bit difficult to get a shop to make some new retail space for a new product but in the end it will be more than worth it…think of it as a community service.

    I may not have gotten any new dealer orders, but it sure isn’t for a lack of trying but I can say that I have over 5 new customers addicted to Slipstream. Now if I can get some lab test results then we can see about a possible clean room contract or 2…

  5. How is Slipstream on FA weapons? Kinda looking for something to use to lube a bunch of subguns and med MGs.

    1. I’m no tech nerd, but I’d say it would work very well on conventional lock FA weapons. Don’t know about roller-delayed or roller-locked actions. I don’t have the experience on those things to say, but if you’re running rotating bolt or tilting block actions, slipstream will perform extremely well.

  6. Hello Ogre,

    After listening to you write about slipstream over the past couple of years, I really want to try it. I am the pistol instructor at Brew City Shooter Supply in West Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Please contact me so I can try it and we can talk to my boss about carrying it here in the store.

    Thanks Ogre,

    Adam Campbell

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