Not happy

The more I think about it, the more I’m pissed. The Defensive Pistol Class last Saturday. It wasn’t my best work as an Instructor. I could have been better. The only thing I could have done about the wind would have been to postpone the class. But no one really wanted to put off the training. As brutal as the wind and sand was… the problem was that it threw me off my game.  I didn’t teach as well I could have.

Damn it.

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  1. The best you can do is provide the proper training under the worst conditions. Did you complete the class? did you show what was needed? did you have any complaints?…As a small business owner, if you provided the needed training to a happy class, you did no wrong. It is easy to spot those that will look for faults trying to get a free ride. Ask your students “if they feel cheated” by the weather. Chances are they will say it was more challenging and they want to try again. Passionate people strive to do better, the rest make excuses.

  2. As an instructor, I can say that we all can have a bad day. Nothing worse than doing a class where you know by the body language that you’ve lost the attention of everyone there. Or being off your game due to interruptions, fatigue, or other factors beyond your control. I’ve been there in those cases. The best one can do is just suck it up and work to do better next time.

        1. Maybe he was in his own way… I couldn’t read him.
          Oh – and anyone that came to the 26th Class – can come to the next Handgun class for FREE.

          1. Woah…a free “do-over” class? I personally don’t see how you could’ve bombed a class so much that you would make this offer. I’d be willing to bet that your worst class is better than the majority of the other’s best classes. One day I hope to take one of your programs.

  3. well man, you know from your days with Uncle Sugar to do an AAR after each event and learn from it…sounds like you are.. wind? well when the balloon goes up who knows what the weather will be like…FIDO….if you feel really bad about it maybe invite the group back for another day for a few hours or send them some info on the points that you think maybe you should have gone over better…if its just a case that you met the minimums that you expected to give the class but didn’t exceed your own expectations, just chalk it up as a learning experience…

  4. Well, when it stops bothering you when you feel that you didn’t give 100% then it’s time to stop training. It is great that you care so much about your students…just think of all the others that just care about the money.

  5. What Mattitude said. You won’t stop beating yourself up for it, that’s just not in your character, but you are going to have to get past it. Acknowledging a less than stellar performance is actually a good sign in an instructor, one I admire at least. It shows that you are still learning because an instructor who can’t or won’t admit they aren’t perfect isn’t one I want to associate with.

    And just think of the next class. They’re in for one heck of a training day!

  6. George

    Correct me if I am wrong but last time I checked the shit doesn’t always hit the fan on nice mild sunny days with comfortable temperatures and a slight breeze .

    You care, your passionate, and you are good. Now you have identified an area that you can improve on making not only you better, but your future students better.

  7. It simulated conditions in “the Sand Box.” Heck, it was never pleasant weather when I was over there. Personally, I thought you did a heroic effort just to be heard over the insane wind. I’d consider it a victory. What other trainer would have gone through all that?

    1. You have a point. But I remain UNSATISFIED with my own performance as an instructor. I could have done BETTER.
      Truth be told, I am never satisfied. I am always seeing what can be improved on and the DEFENSIVE PISTOL COURSE OUTLINE that I sent you and Joe will get us all on the same sheet of music incase I miss a beat.

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