Ordered a couple things for my bike

Let’s see… shopping list.
New chain.  Current chain is past the “OMG you need to freaking replace this NOW!” point. I really don’t want to experience a 4th chain breakage.  Those instances have a habit of putting me on the ground.  So I got me a nice 530 O-Ring Chain that has some solid reviews for strength and longevity.  I’ll need a hand putting it on.  (Hint to M)
Oil filter.  Past time to change it.  I’ve never gone this long before without a change and its making me feel itchy.  I am almost to the Recommended Miles for an Oil Change.  *shudder* The oil is still pretty clean and same color as new oil, so I’m not worried… but I want to change it soon.  I’ll sleep better.
New brake lever.  When I dumped it shortly after my second concussion, it bent my brake lever to hell.  It’s harder to reach and because of the angle, when I pull it in, it does so with no feel and too much “grab”.  This makes braking… not so smooth.
And I finally ordered some luggage for the Superhawk.  A tank bag.  After spending a couple hours reviewing tank bags and taking everything into consideration for size, style, and how I’m going to use it… I selected the Joe Rocket Manta XL which seems to be just about right for my needs for an Over-Nighter in SLC or a couple days worth of Road Tripping with the additional use of a Backpack.  And the price was right.
Once I get this stuff in and the chain and lever on… I’ll be ready to go the distance.

Oh, and I welcomed a few new additions to the “ATTACK MODE” Play List.
Rob Zombie’s “WHAT”, “SUPERBEAST”, and “DEMONOID PHENOMENOM”  and Prodigy’s “OMEN”.



18 thoughts on “Ordered a couple things for my bike”

  1. Go the distance? Like an east coast trip? You would be welcomed out here. Reading your posts has me itching for a bike for Jim. I would love for us to be able to take off for a weekend and just….GO. I do miss our ability to just toss a few things in a bag and run off for a couple of days. Cursed cars and their ability to make one think you need to pack heavier than just an over night bag with no destination.

  2. And while you are putting on the new chain you can install one of the super duper sprocket chain oiling things like the Scott oiler or one of the electric pump ones and then report back to us on if it was worth it.

        1. I had been using that stuff I got from Beers. Don’t think I like it so much and I think I’m going to go back to the DuPont Chainsaver with the new chain.

          1. Where did you get the Chainsaver? It is the same thing as I use in a different bottle by the look of it.

          2. It’s on the top shelf in the Motorcycle section. There was only 2 left last time I was there. Yesterday, hate to say it.

  3. Time to download “ulyssespeed” or “speedview” for android. Isn’t that what the cell pocket is for? To see how close you are to the speed limit. Compass probably won’t work with a steel tank and the magnetic attachment though.

  4. Why not just Slipstream the chain? Permanent treatment might not be the best option for getting the goodies where they need to go but aside from the initial cost it might be an interesting experiment.

  5. SlipStreaming the chain could possibly save wear on the sprocket also. They can develop a concave hook on the drive side of the teeth after a while and then you have to get a new sprocket installed.

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