The Avengers

I liked it and I didn’t like it.  First off, let me go over what I didn’t like…

I hated the stupid flying aircraft carrier that turns invisible.  Okay, the Carrier was cool to a point… that point being right up till the moment it started to lift off up out of the water.  That suspension of disbelief request by the film makers was just too much.  Then on top of it… it can go invisible.  No… I don’t think so. You have all this great technology but still can get shrapnel out of Tony Stark’s chest?  Really?
The huge amount of CGI with so much crap happening on the screen all at the same time… it gives me a headache.  This is one of the reasons I didn’t like GI Joe and it looks like the same people that did that did this.
But what I liked –  Joss Whedon’s script.  The dialog and the way he wrote the interaction between the characters was absolutely brilliant.  You have Super Heroes here, which requires a lot of suspension of disbelief already, but you have dialog that makes them human and makes them real.

I also liked how you have these super heroes with earth-bending powers… and a chick with a pair of Glock’s can keep up.  In her tight black cat-suit. Wish her hair was longer like in the last Iron Man, but still.  I liked Hawkeye too.  The actor, the lack of high collars and capes on him… I liked that.  The Arrow Head selecting quiver was a bit much… but it was still good.

9 thoughts on “The Avengers”

  1. Well, in defense of the flying carrier, it is direct from the Avengers comic books. Though, I have to agree on the invisibility cloak and the fact that they can not get the shrapnel out of Stark’s chest.

    1. Stark’s heart problems and alcoholism have always been an issue for him in the Marvel universe.

      That isn’t going to change.

      I did like Whedon’s take on Loki meeting The Hulk. Loki yells an insult. Hulk mops floor with him, says “Puny God”, and stomps off.

  2. BTW, my big gripe was the very bad archery form of the actor playing Hawkeye(Clint). I read that instead of getting some archery instruction, he just winged it. It made him completely unbelievable as an archer.

    1. It’s a zen thing, Grasshopper: he is so good he is formless and operates beyond the ken of mortal men.

      Nah. He just had crappy form.

      Maybe he’s a mutant who’s power is trajectory calculation and accuracy no matter the crappy conditions and technique…

  3. I figured if I had no problems with green rage monsters and Asgaurdians with magic hammers, I should have no problems with giant, flying, invisible aircraft carriers.

    As M points out, we have the tech to project images of what’s behind objects to make them effectively invisible now.

  4. I disapprove of Black Widow’s new outfit.

    Looser. Less shiny. Less cleavage.

    All steps in the wrong direction.

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