Bank of America should not get our business

I’ve been increasing displeased with some banking institutions.  Mt. America, Zions, Nations, and now Bank of America.   BoA just dropped McMillan because they are a Gun Company.

The SHOT industry (Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade) is huge… there is a lot of money in it and a lot of Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Enthusiasts earn and spend a lot of money.  And Bank of America should get none of it.  Not a penny.  Everyone that any account with BoA, should pull their accounts and open new ones in a Gun Friendly banking institution.  Vote with your Wallets.

15 thoughts on “Bank of America should not get our business”

  1. I gave up on BoA years ago when the allowed illegal immigrants to start accounts with no legal ID. But legal acount holdees had to present legal ID to start their own accounts. I called the local mgr. and told her why I was closong my accounts. I found out that a credit union is the way to go. The actually treat you like a person, cause because you are actually part of the banks. every account holder at a credit union is part of the team. When I bought my HD all other bans wnated 25 to 30 percent down. The credit union aske me to write a check for 25 dollars and 25 cents. Then they financed the whole deal no money down.

  2. Already done. We dropped them earlier this year after a years long struggle to get even a mediocre level of service. We weren’t just your nickel and dime basic checking account type of customer either, but the full on Platinum Banking customers( or so it said on all our documents ). Mortgages, IRA’s, savings, checking, credit accounts – all gone. All because BofA came to resemble the worst caricature of the banking industry. I believe if it were not for periodic, multi-billin dollar enemas from the feds BofA would have been gone long ago.

    The thing with McMillan wasn’t even on the radar screen when we made our decision but it makes me glad we pulled the plug when we did. Personally, I never plan to do business with BofA again. I wonder how well it would go over if the gun industry and gun owners suddenly refused to take checks from or accept charge cards issued by BofA? Perhaps they and others might begin to see the folly of mixing business and politics.

  3. I dropped them in 2005. I had 80K in a savings account there and these morons were holding my payroll checks to see if they cleared!! Really!!

  4. Well the upper management of BofA has been playing the crony capital scam for all they could and sucking up to the leftists in the Administration. Very short sighted. They are likely to have a lot of blood enemies in Congress come 2013 and no friends in the Administration. I’ve heard that it will be difficult for the crony banks to buy their way into good graces if their is a change. They’ve humped to many mid level and not so small businessmen, which is one reason Obama is running behind on campaign contributions.
    If Surber is right 40 states are going against Obama.

  5. I reside in Virginia, they support Casa de Maryland, which is all about supporting illegal aliens. On that alone I would never do business with them. Find a local bank to do business, you’ll be happier.

  6. Been years, for me. I won’t even take BoA checks in my business. If you have a BoA account, you can bring cash, because I won’t touch the check.

  7. I dunno. Looks like only one of us even has an account with BoA. Maybe that’s why they think that they can do things like this. Because apparently the SHOT industry hasn’t been supporting them for years anyways.

    1. Best plan isn’t really to boycott them, but to preferentially-support whomever their biggest competitor is. That has more impact than a simple boycott.

  8. Left BoA 1st of year for VyStar FCU
    Did not like arrest of guy in CA for asking if check was legit
    Stand on using FDIC to pay bad gamble debts B4 depositors got wife to go
    Did have good online tho…
    Who is doing this via fondleslab!

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