Someone likes Slipstream Styx

Yes, the Slipstream Styx is an advanced blend of Slipstream and a special carrier oil formulation that enhances the Anti-Corrosion properties. This is for maximum protection in maritime environments. It started when we were contacted by an organization that does maritime security in pirate infested waters… such as off the coast of Somalia. Gundoc was all over this because of his US Marine background. Anything that could help his brother Marines.
The Styx (named after the River Styx that one crosses to get into – and back out of – hell) formulation also has a great side effect even if you don’t jump fully armed into salt water… It’s even slicker! I’m not kidding – if you have tried Slipstream… imagine it even slicker… It’s like we Sliptreamed Slipstream. I’ve been running it in all my guns now. My AK, Glocks, AR, M&P, Shotguns, Lever Actions… all of them. Amazing. Freaking amazing stuff.

8 thoughts on “Someone likes Slipstream Styx”

  1. Here in Eastern Missouri, we live with extremely high humidity all Summer long (and a lot of the Winter, too). Would Styx provide the extra protection necessary to keep moisture at bay?
    And does it have to be re-applied as often as a regular rust-preventative oil – or is it longer-lasting in its protection than other oils?

      1. When you say internals – it is OK to use for the rails for eg right? I have been using it for my handguns, and my 1 rifle a S&W MP 15-22

    1. I live in SE MO and I haven’t used Styx, yet.
      I do, however use Slipstream. Styx is (correct me if I’m wrong, Ogre, please) a step, or two above Slipstream.
      I apply less often than any previously used oils or lubes with better results.
      I will NEVER use anything else except Slipstream.

      Well, until I try Styx.

      Ogre, if Styx is internals, though, should I stick with SS for lube (maybe some SS Grease) and Styx the guts?

      Pardon my .02

  2. Frame and slide rails are still considered internal working parts. George means that it isn’t meant as an exterior coating to keep rust off.

    1. I know that Slipstream is for internals. What I was asking about is the longevity of anti-rust protection (ie; moisture barrier) on the internal parts.
      I assumed that I would continue to use other oil for metal protection on the exterior.

      1. Nothing is better for the internals… keeps them safe from corrosion while being the slickest stuff ever. It’s perfect.

  3. I just ordered some Styx, and am looking forward to even more slickness than with regular Slipstream.

    For perhaps the best external anti-corrosion agent, use CorrosionX. Don’t take my word for it, look up the many reviews/comparisons. It puts everything else to shame, with the possible exception of Eezox (which is for longer-term storage since it goes on thicker and takes some effort to get off).

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