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  1. Well after testifying to congress that he doesn’t need congressional approval to go to war as puter our constitution, can you blame him?

    1. We don’t have a goddamn emperor and that motherfucker isn’t even close. He’s our servant… He should be going before the Marines like a Recruit going before a Board of Review.

  2. I too was dismayed that our “Armed” Forces had to disarm to meet with a “public servant” even if he is their boss. And I think sarge712 is correct in his metaphor that the current White House resident believes himself and his team to be above the people who elected him. He has displayed that attitude from day one.

  3. It angers me too. The Administration’s arrogance is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s shameless.

    If they make it here during the campaign I’ll be damned if I’ll disarm if I’m forced to work another presidential visit. I know for a fact that they mulled it over the last time and the former Asheville police chief told them to kiss off.

  4. I don’t know but I don’t remember Rumsfield’a people having the troops disarm when he popped into Iraq.
    I was thinking about the book Starship Troopers again. One thing I kind of liked about that society was even if you weren’t cut out for armed forces you could still enlist and they’d find a way for you to serve and qualify to vote and run for office, of course if I remember correctly,your service could be something nasty like experimental space suit tester in a deep vacuum on Pluto. This current crop of mutts in the Administration have never served anything but themselves. Meh, I need to do something to take the taste of puke out of my mouth.

  5. FTFA-“Major General Mark Gurganus later said he gave the order because Afghan troops attending the talk were unarmed and he wanted the policy to be consistent for all.”
    In other words normal policy is for the afgans to be disarmed, this particular General took it on his own to disarm the Soldiers. Or is there something between the lines I missed?

  6. “…against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”
    That’s in the oath I took twice.
    They know we take our oaths seriously.
    That’s why they’re worried.

  7. I had Rummy visit my installation in 2003 after OIF I and we had to disarm.

    Additional, the audience was not just US service members, it included many ANA soldiers as well. So all soldiers at the event were unarmed just as they did for Rummy’s visit that I was at back in the day.

    There is plenty to dislike in the current administration. This isnt one of those things.

    1. I took my picture with rummy in 2003 with my rifle slung and an m9 on my hip, just before he caught a flight, maybe it was an exception. He did have a serious team of blackwater guys with him though, and the army guys weren’t carrying weapons. Nobody tackled me to the ground or anything though…

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