What can Crusader do for you?

You guys are familiar with Crusader Weaponry’s custom rifles and Slipstream Weapon Lubricant.
But what else can Crusader do for you?

How about transform your old shotgun into a new top end tactical shotgun?  If you have an old rusty 870 or 500, send it to Crusader.  You will be stunned with the gun you get back!  It will look better than new, run better than new and very well could become your most favorite gun ever.

You have a fun little Rimfire?  A Ruger 10/22 or an M&P15-22?  Crusader can really trick those out.  Turn your old .22 into a sweet zombie gun you will love to shoot and show off.

But what is the best thing Crusader can do for your existing gun?   Joe is a specialist on the M14/M1A type rifle.  He doesn’t talk about them very often because he’s talking about other guns mostly these days – but the man is an M14 Artist.  He can make yours sing and dance.

30 thoughts on “What can Crusader do for you?”

  1. Hey Ogre… I have a 20 gauge 870. It’s a bone stock express youth model, and as a shotgun it works pretty well as is.

    But sometimes I get lonely. Can your guys make my 870 hold my hand when I’m sad, or feed me soup when I’m sick?

    A bed time story mod would be awesome…

    Seriously though, I’d love to know what you can do to a Remington 700.

  2. I’m really considering sending Joe my CETME. I’d love a cool paint job and the slipstream treatment. We’d just need to talk numbers.

  3. I had no idea that Joe was an M1A specalist…not an easy system to do correctly. How muct to replace a Rem700 barrel & possibly threading the muzzle? Turn-around time? I’m not sure if I want to invest the money in the tools if I’m only going to do once.

    1. Were are really not doing bolts. We don’t have a Lathe which is a hinderance for a lot of what people want done. So it all depends.

  4. Well, I pick up my ACR next month. Once I break it in I’ll probably be sending it to you guys with a G17 of mine for ST treatment and a digital Cerakote on the rifle, as well as Edge service on the 17.

  5. Half day classes:
    mens pistol
    womens pistol
    Rifle marksmanship (you know I need this one!)
    Basic HOME defense, room clearing (WTF is “slice the pie)
    This could be split into three classes:

    These would be starter classes. Get people hooked without spending the $300-$400 on a class and ammo. I would rather buy a new gun for $400(or AR parts, ammo etc). Now IF I took a class and got hooked on them, then I would be more willing to spend $$ on classes in the future.
    My wife (and some of her friends) would love to take a beginer pistol course, but will NEVER spend a whole day and 200-300 rounds and $300 doing it. I believe that this is a TOTALY missed marked. Women who have guns in the house, don’t really enjoy them (pushy husband like me) and have FEW skills.

  6. Crusader 870 T/T (Turkey/Tactical).
    Already talked to Joe about this one…awaiting resolution of some work uncertainties, and drier weather to keep the level-of-effort on the metal finishing reasonable.

  7. George, I’ve already got my 15-22 running pretty slick with some OLD (Grandpa’s, after he passed, found it) Outer;s gun oil. Laugh if you want, that stuff is SLICK.

    What would you recommend for the 15-22 to get it rolling at the next level?

    1. The ST-2 treatment, a permanent lubrication. Some internal geometry mods to improve cycling. And the some Cerakote refinishing to make it look sexy.

  8. Can they do anything with Smith & Wesson revolvers? I’ve got a M1917 chambered in .45 Colt that needs some serious gun smiting. It was a gift from a LEO partner before he was killed in 2004. I’d love to get this weapon back in service.

  9. I want a Springfield M1A, bad, bad enough to hide the purchase from She Who Must Be Obeyed. But I want it to be broke in right and tweaked right. I’m good with iron sights for a while, then I’ll hang some sort of optic on it after I get it all figgered out.

    I trust George’s opinions on stuff like this. Should I try and break it in according to what I read in the intarwebs or just send it to Joe straight out of the box?

    Don’t know exactly why, but this gun is very sexy to me and I want it to work right, for a long time.


  10. The real question is not about the cheap cheesy shotguns like the 870 and the mooseberg, the real question is what can you do with a REAL shotgun, an Ithaca M-37 featherweight 7-shot riot-gun in 12ga.

      1. I already have the Ithaca and it definitely needs a better finish (the previous owner failed to maintain the parkerized finish and there was a bit of spot rust on the surface (nothing a but of steel-wool and oil didn’t fix) and it needs a good all-weather coating. I’m not sure how much better you could make this weapon, except for the slipstream. What exactly would you change?

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