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Crusader & Lucid, one scary accurate combination

Crusader Weaponry has teamed up with Lucid to provide a very good optical gunsight for our rifles.  When I first tested the Lucid HD7, it impressed the hell out of me.  It was clear, solid, and did everything I wanted an optic to do.  In fact, it did better than I had hoped.  I put it on a number of guns, trying to break it.  Including a 12 gauge with slugs.  It held up.  As far as accuracy goes, it actually improved my accuracy with my own M4.

We recommend the Lucid for the best bang for the buck solution for all our 5.56mm rifles. When you order your Bones, Partisan, Templar, or your own custom configuration, ask for the Lucid to come with the gun as a package.


  1. toadold's Gravatar toadold

    I don’t have one but I really like the four choices of reticle offered and if you are doing a lot of long range shooting they have a 2x magnifier for it. It looks to me if you are doing over a 100 yards the cross hair choice would be very handy?

    • 02/16/2012    

      It’s what I leave mine on. Works really well.

  2. ksuguy's Gravatar ksuguy

    How do you think one of these would do on an FAL?

    • 02/17/2012    

      Should do just fine. I know those can wreck an optic, but the Lucid should hold up just fine indeed. Contact for pricing.

  3. ksuguy's Gravatar ksuguy

    Maybe I will get one and put it on an AR and see if I like it, then try the FAL if it works. Did you test with the magnifier? I think id like to add one of those.

    • 02/17/2012    

      Only a 2 x mag… Which is useless. 3x is good though.

  4. toadold's Gravatar toadold

    Hokay, for final test you be mounting on Mosin Nangant 1891/30 7.62X54R. You fire 100 rounds and eef you and scope still in one piece, ees good enough.

  5. LouisCQ's Gravatar LouisCQ

    Hmm, that 5x on a swing mount would probably be the heat for 3-gun.

    • 02/18/2012    

      I’m thinking the same thing.

  6. Laserbait's Gravatar Laserbait

    Even if they didn’t look like such a ripoff of an ACOG… I wish these chinese companies would come up with an original design.

    • 02/20/2012    

      It’s a US Company. US Design. Unfortunately Chinese Manufacturing because it’s almost impossible to get anything MADE in the US anymore. If this was US made, it would cost more than double.

      • Laserbait's Gravatar Laserbait

        I would easily pay 2x for a US made optic. As it is, I only have Leupold and EOTech for optics & they are both US made.

        I would love to see Trijicon get at least some royalties from this Lucid company.

        • TheIrishman's Gravatar TheIrishman

          The only thing the HD7 has remotely in common with the ACOG, is a slightly comparable profile. The ACOG uses tritium illuminated reticules where the Lucid is battery powered. The ACOG is also a fixed 3 or 4x while the Lucid is 0x red dot sight.

          • 02/21/2012    

            But Lucid has a really good 2-5x multiplyer.

    • Raub's Gravatar Raub

      That Lucid sight is not a copy of an ACOG.

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