We didn’t get picked

Looks like RAW TV picked another group of people to do the show. Let me back up. RAW TV is the company that did GOLD RUSH ALASKA for the Discovery Channel. They are looking at doing another show and we were in the top 6, but didn’t make the cut. This was going to be a show for the Discovery Channel… and it could have been huge for us. But they wanted more people that could be a bit more volcanic with each other… that’s what Discovery likes. Crusader doesn’t yell at eachother… so I guess we are not good TV for that. Oh well.
I’m disappointed.

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  1. Having watched similar shows on Discovery, I don’t think you really wanted to qualify to be on it. I think they encourage bad behavior on the shows to drive ratings.

  2. It would have been a huge boom for business, but still, I’ll take dignity over cash any day.

    Though it would have been nice to have a show about gun builders that didn’t reinforce the “hick” cliche that TV people seems so fond of.

    Opening scene: A swamp and an alligator. Que twangy county/folk theme song…

  3. The fact that society NEEDS to see that other people can’t behave themselves in their everyday lives, even with their own family/friends, is pretty telling.

  4. Sucks on one hand, but on the other it doesn’t. Discovery wants high drama. The very fact that you didn’t make that particular cut is a good thing, hmm?

  5. It’s disappointing but at the same time I’m not dwelling on it. It just means we have to adapt and overcome in another way. We didn’t get where we are by being conventional. We’ll keep doing what we do best and roll out new ideas in our own way.

      1. I happen to program for CNC Mills.

        Modelling and programming.

        I’m sorry you guys didn’t get picked to do a good show.
        If it was to be rehashed swill, I’m glad you’re not involved in swill.

  6. I’m sure you’ve been doing fine without a TV show that will eventually be scripted out and you’ll continue to do fine in the future. I’m so glad that I don’t work for the shop that is doing “Danger Pawn” because I refuse to compromise who I am just to get on TV. They did more filming a few days ago and one of the people who was filmed for a spot filled me in on the proceedings. He ended up making a mock sale on a high end rifle (he started out at 9 grand, the deal settled at 7,200) but the whole thing was a sham. The producer kept telling the store guy to throw up his hands more and be dramatic. Of course the guy didn’t really sell his rifle (he couldn’t as it really didn’t belong to him) but I really think that Crusader doesn’t want to go down that road for a show that just might not last that long. There are quite a few “gun” shows cropping up and there will be some that will get lost in the mix. You’re better off and just keep doing what you are doing.

  7. There are many negative aspects to being on TV or having any kind of fame. Don’t be too disappointed.

  8. I suspect, if you do your own show, you will end up an 0200 infomercial.

    I just wish the Fox Business Channel would take some of the space from the shows they just cancelled and go back to the early days of business TV on Cable.

    Many years ago there was a team of interviewers who would go in and analyze a business, who how what when and all the regulations and such. They even implied or I may have inferred about bribing local officials.

    Who notes now days the whole bleed’n hour would be Federal Regs alone!

  9. Of course you didn’t get picked. You aren’t a bunch of screaming retards.

    If you have ever watched that show “Sons of Guns”, you can see the fake dripping off the “fights” the owner stages for the camera.

    Hollywood twits want their bigotry re-enforced, so they will only pick a gun owning group that can act like a bunch of loud, violent cousin-humping redneck retards.

  10. Another good reason to not do the TV thing:

    Getting attention from every gun fearing wussie out there can be harmful.

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