SHOT Show Highlights

We’ve all been checking out the reports coming out of SHOT show about the new guns and gear and everything.

Two handguns that I am looking forward to checking out in person.. The new SIG P938 and the Springfield XDS.  I’ll take that 938 in the Extreme layout and the XDS in a .40 when it comes available.

Another interesting gun is the new 1887 T Series shotgun.  This would go perfect with your Terminator Costume.

Blade wise, KaBar/Becker has some great new blades that I am really liking… but that’s another post.


8 thoughts on “SHOT Show Highlights”

  1. Oh wow! Springfield copied Glock! Again!

    But I am curious if they did a better job with the single stack .45 then Glock did.

    And why cant either company offer a single stack .40 or 9?

  2. If Springfield was going to offer a single stack 10mm, IMHO, they need to do what they did with the single stack .45, that is start the design from scratch.
    The full power ten has a tendency to really fling a slide back. They need some way to tame that slide velocity down besides/in addition to heavy slides,heavy guide rods,high power springs, and buffers.

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