11 thoughts on “The Armed Nation: Episode 2”

  1. I enjoy the web-cast, and I’ve read your blog for a loong time, George, but I gotta say this about the range videos – targets? The last one, busting the rock into gravel w/ the 629, was cool. Cause I could SEE it, kapish? Paper, clays, soda bottles or cans, whatever. But I want to see _HITS_. That’s the point of shooting, right?

  2. Ok, Ben needs to be jammin’ to the bumper music every show from here out. That was fantastic. Love the bowler hat at the range.

    Ogre, rockin’ the Crusader/UncerArmor combo…nice attire there,they compliment each other.

    Like the shooting clip outakes to mix things up, good editing.

    Tactical out, Strategic is in. (You should see my K-Bar tactical folding knife,spoon, fork kit. Love the tactical spoon…you can scoop peoples eyes out with that thing. Sadly, no rails…)

    Nice camera work on the T-bolt function. I want one.

    Two thumbs up on visible target selection for the audience per John Block.

    Rock shot was epic.

    Just picked up a Rossi .357 snubby from a friend that wants me to give it a slipstream treatment, not that it needs it because the action and trigger break is as good, no maybe better than any Colt I’ve fired.

    Unbelievable little wheelgun, going to work it over and test it out at the Range today. You know, I’m really starting to pay attention to the Rossi brand lately.

    Good humor in the show there. Loved the family tradition shooting stories. Big part of my family too.

    Looking forward to the next show.

  3. Since we are giving tips,
    Either Ben needs to stop talking with his hands, or the camera needs to be on a separate table. 😉

    1. I just purchased one. With the hook on the bottom. Camera is good. Good sound. But the room that we were in, made the sound a touch strange… echoish.

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