Ogre’s Top Flicks

In No Order:
Everything Directed by Michael Mann. Everything.
Big Trouble In Little China
Mad Max
On Any Given Sunday
The Fifth Element
Sin City
Tom Horn
Last Man Standing
Outlaw Josey Wales
Replacement Killers
Dr. Strangelove
Le Mans
Hell Boy

Dracula (Francis Ford Copula)
Grand Prix
The OmegaMan
The Departed
Gangs of New York
Love the Beast
Blade Runner
Dust to Glory
The Thing
Shaun of the Dead
Army of Darkness
Blackhawk Down
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
Ghost in the Shell
The Boondock Saints & All Saints Day
The Losers
Where Eagles Dare
Master and Commander
Red Dawn
The Big Lebowski
Hard Boiled
The Killer
Star Trek (the new remake)
Nightwatch & Daywatch
Fist Full of Dollars
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
The Untouchables
Pitch Black
The Great Escape
The Getaway (McQueen’s version)
The Longest Day
Gone in Sixty Seconds
Die Hard
The Terminator
The Road Warrior
The Dirty Dozen
The Expendables
The Matrix
Full Metal Jacket
Apocalypse Now
Lonesome Dove
Open Range
3000 Miles to Graceland
The Seven Samurai
Animal House
Second Hand Lions
Pulp Fiction
The Blues Brothers
The Magnificent Seven
High Plains Drifter
True Grit – Both Versions
Lethal Weapon
Aliens – the whole franchise
The Professional
Event Horrizon
Pulp Fiction
Galaxy Quest
Iron Man
The Ring
The Cell
28 Days Later
Dawn of the Dead
Book of Eli
Sucker Punch
The Lost Boys
Man On Fire

43 thoughts on “Ogre’s Top Flicks”

  1. I think you and me would get along just fine!

    Good job vetting dune in there. Original or miniseries remake? I like both.

    Army of darkness FTW!

    1. I like them both for different reasons. The girls were hotter in the Sci Fi remake… and the Orinthopters were better. But I liked the darker vibe of the original.

  2. If you liked The Seven Samurai, you will probably like Yojimbo (also directed by Kurosawa, also with Mifune as a samurai). It’s the movie that was remade as A Fistful of Dollars. I like Clint Eastwood, but Toshiro Mifune could act rings around him, so to speak.

  3. You mentioned the Thing twice is that bith old and new and I don’t mean 2011

    1. Edited it to change the second one to “The Professional”. Both versions of The Thing are great… but the John Carpenter’s version is what really sticks in one’s head.

  4. Agree with 90 to 95% but would have to include Blazing Saddles , Young Frankenstein, The Shootist, They Were Expendable, Patton, Dirty Harry, The Quiet Man, True Grit (original) just to start

  5. I wish I wasn’t feeling so punk and lazy. I’d like to do a timeline on when that list of films was made. I suspect that the time line is bunched and the production thins out during recent years.?

  6. Excellent list, but what about Heat? Greatest gun battle ever in a movie, outstanding cast from top to bottom, and a plot so well done it influenced real-life crime!

  7. For the record, you hit The Great Escape twice.

    I’m going to take this list, I think, and use it as a list of movies to watch because I’ve only seen about half of them… and they’re all faves of mine.

    The one movie that I have pretty much in my Top 5 All Time Favorites that isn’t on the list is Gran Torino. I hesitate to say it’s #1, but #2 is probable.

  8. Awesome list. Good job mate. I own a few of those.

    One that especially catches my eye is the Kurosawa piece, Seven Samurai. That is a film that cannot be watched enough times for my tastes. But I’m weird like that, I have no problem with subtitled Japanese films. I own several dozen.

    And kudos for Le Mans. I haven’t seen that in a year or so, might be time again.

    I have a coupla dozen faves I could throw at ya, but let me just say I watched this one last night and it may be the funniest film ever made:

    It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

  9. Sorry, I agree with most of your list, but I could not finish watching “Omega Man.” When that head albino/zombie began waxing “philosophical” and Heston was running around in the daylight looking for the nest, I just couldn’t keep watching it. Frankly, I thought “I Am Legend” was better. I didn’t see that one on your list. Is that because as a purist, the latest remake is not good enough to pass muster?

    1. I hated the CGI Vampires. Or are they Zombies? I don’t know…but the decision to make the creatures like that really truly and completely ruined it. Then add in the fact that they utterly destroyed the ending… again, ruined the whole movie. If you like I AM LEGEND – Read the book. Then watch Vincent Price’s LAST MAN ON EARTH. Classic.

      1. I can not fathom why they decided to CGI bald people. Strangely stupid. It was like they had a CGI budget they HAD to use up. Would have been so much better if they had used…oh, I don’t know…maybe bald people to play the role of bald people. Almost ruined the movie for me. Well, did, ruin the movie for me.

      2. Good point. I will definitely look up the book. Of course, Vincent Price is a classic, better than most on the silver screen today.

  10. Kudos for Equilibrium!!! About the ONLY thing I disagree with is the remake of Miami Vice. I thought it was horrible. From Castillo squeezed into the body armor tac-vest to Gong-Li’s dialog which I couldn’t understand to Crockett’s “Tiki”.

    It just felt “wrong” to me.

    I wish they’d do a modern Miami Vice TV series. But who to play Crockett & Tubbs?

  11. Good list Ogre. Also please consider reviewing “King of New York” and “Things To Do in Denver When You’re Dead”. “Knockaround Guys” is also worth a look.

    1. Perhaps if you expected more than what the trailers promised.

      I got what I expected and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    2. I wanted exactly what the trailers promised, but instead, I got a needlessly dark and pretentious presentation of Zach Snyder’s definition of “empowered women.”


  12. You definately put up a “must see” list but I would add:

    Way of the Gun
    No Country for Old Men
    Kill Bill vol. 1
    We Were Soldiers
    District 9
    Die Hard
    Body of Lies
    The Kingdom
    Bourne trilogy

    What say you?

    1. I don’t care where it is in the movie when I surf and find it. I will stop and watch the rest of L.A. Confidential every time.

      Love this movie to pieces.

  13. Dude.

    You missed the best movie, ever.

    The Princess Bride.

    “Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…”

    That’s ok, though. You’re still my favorite Ogre.

  14. If you like Vigo Mortenson, take a look at “Eastern Promises” and “A History of Violence”. Vigo has both depth and range in his characters.

  15. Oh, and as a martial artist I recommend the original and remake of “13 Assassins”. I love the original for the development and depth of each character, and the remake for “modernizing” the story and taking it to a true action movie.

  16. Sorry, one more to add that I didn’t see on any of the lists; “Dr. Strangelove”. Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Slim Pickens, and Sterling Hayden……simply priceless cold war humor (?).

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