Going to Georgia

March 10th and 11th, there is a big Gun Show in Atlanta. I will be there with Mark Walters, and we will be signing books, meeting people, having a great time with the fans of Armed American Radio and Uprising USA, Uprising UK. Georgia Carry Members need to come by and say howdy!

19 thoughts on “Going to Georgia”

  1. George,

    Lord willing, I will have just finished MAG-40 in Live Oak 2 weeks prior…

    Looking forward to meeting you, picking up some Slipstream and maybe an autographed book or two if you discount them appropriately (j/k).

    Safe travels. BTW, there are A LOT more zombies here in the ATL than you’re used to seeing. Just so’s you’re aware.

    1. Jim is right. Atlanta is high crime/high risk seven days a week. It’s gotten out of hand. I went on training there a few years ago and the local cops there urged us to carry every where we went if we weren’t already. The media doesn’t let on but it’s getting out of hand there.

      1. I’ll be there, hopefully you’ll be able to schedule some time and/or we can do a small group dinner or something.

    1. Yes, I would, but that weekend is during the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show. We exhibit there, so there is no way that I could get away.

  2. As a rule I generally avoid Eastman gun shows but in this case I will definitely make an exception.

    Entrance fee = $8
    Chance to meet The Ogre and get Uprising autograph = Priceless

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