Slipstream Warning

A warning to those that work with Combat Robots: Do not use Slipstream on the Robots.  Crusader Weaponry will not be responsible for the creation of Skynet or Decepticons.
You have been warned.

25 thoughts on “Slipstream Warning”

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Can you even imagine Decepticons with the actual persistence of the Terminator?

  2. But what about R2D2 and C3PO? What is the point of this horrible Roboticism. What’s next, “robots have bigger widgets?” Withholding all oil and power? Locking them in the workplace after hours? Not letting them in except via the back door? Disassembly plants? C’mon, this is the 21st Century, its time to move on from the blatant anti-robotic prejudice of the mid-20th.

    1. There’s also the cylons to consider. Sure we may get a bloody uprising in which millions die, but the survivors will be rewarded with an endless supply of Tricia Helfer clones.

      1. I have a buddy that will, upon hearing any dorky sci-fi reference, let you know that you are a dork by saying, “Colonial viper, in range.” Always good for a laugh.

  3. You know I used Slipstream on the Tin man and after that Oz never gave anything to him that he didn’t already have…and he b-slapped that witch silly to boot…

  4. Dude-
    I read your book. Bought the cellulose version. I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks.

    Giving the toaster men the slipstream means I can’t blame the missing hand lotion on them.
    “Honey, what happened to the hand lotion I just bought?”
    “Uh, I think the robots got into it.”
    “no, dear, the robots are on slipstream now, remember?”

  5. But, what if it’s a… *clears throat*…special,…personal… kind of robot? Would that be OK?

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