In the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade we see a lot of Gimmicks.  Some of them look like gimmicks but are actually quite handy for certain specific tasks…  while others look like they could be handy, but are actually really useless.  The king of useless has to be the most persistent one.

I first heard of this guy way back in the very early days of “The Firing Line”.  This gimmick was laughed off the board pretty quickly.  He’s popped up now and again, here and there over the years… insisting that he has the true light and knowledge.

I don’t know his name, but I’ll call him “Finger Shelf Guy.”  He emailed me asking for a link and I was nice to him, saying that this is counter to what I teach so I can’t do that.  The guy bows out and I don’t hear from him again for a week.  Then all the sudden he shows up on WETHEARMED with an all new video about how great the finger shelf is and how everyone else is wrong.  Here’s the thread.  Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Gimmicks”

  1. I had no idea that my 1911 had such a design flaw.
    I am deeply indebted to this man for such information.

    Now, assuming that he had a “point” about this system working… how hard would it have been to use a thicker piece of corner molding… and drill it out so it fit over the pin without touching it?

    Darn design flaws… *sadly shakes head*


  2. I kept seeing this thread title and going past it – assuming wrongly that it was for some new red dot sight that i probably couldn’t afford.
    Obviously, Saint Gabriel Possenti was watching over me and guided my mouse icon elsewhere.

    At least I didn’t watch the video. Not only would that have been a loss of four irretrievable minutes of my life – but probably would have destroyed more than a few of my all-too-few remaining brain cells.

    As I recall, I tried that a long, long time ago (without the shelf, though) and concluded that it was not a good way to shoot any handgun. (and when I say “long, long time”, I mean almost fifty years)
    It is odd, though, that no one in a hundred years has discovered and tried to correct this ‘design flaw’ in the 1911. Slackers, I guess.

    1. Yeah, just imagine how much better the world would have been if the US ARMY selected the Savage .45 after the 1907 Trails concluded…

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