Remington: Pulling a Boner.

Remington has cancelled production on dang near everything with a Marlin name tag. Specifically the lever action rifles. The Savage knock-off X7 rifles, I believe are still rolling out the door. We’ve had no problem getting those. Just Lever Actions, and the Rep told us that most of the orders we had were cancelled because they not in production. This doesn’t make me very happy. The problem Remington is having is that all the guys that used to know how to build a Marlin Lever Action are all now retired or laid off or working someplace else. This is just the tip of the iceberg that I’m seeing here. They buy Marlin pretty much to get into the lever action business… and then ruin it. Yet Remington is still cranking out the Savage Clones. To me, that makes no sense. If I was Remington, I’d kill the X7 line completely and concentrate on moving Remington’s own Bolt Action rifles. But Remington can do what it wants… that’s fine. But I also don’t get why Remington has moved the Sendero rifle to the Custom Shop, which has a completely different Dealer Program. What was one of the best production guns they made, and one of the most popular out here in my area of operation… they go and hamstring it.
I can’t get the Marlin Lever Actions to sell and now the Senderos are going to be difficult… Great. No, really… You guys concentrate on getting that ACR Contract and ignore the Hunters that have made Remington what it is. That’s a good plan. Worked great for Colt.
Here’s the deal… if you guys can’t sort out production of a gun made since the 1800’s… sell Marlin to someone who can actually build the things. Springfield would be great. Lifetime warranty, aggressive marketing, customer service like Marlin has never had before, and custom shop work that’s top notch. That would give Springfield some serious Hunting chops in the industry. I’d love to see Springfield own Marlin.
I can get worked up about Lever Actions… I love them. I have always loved them. And Marlin has always been a favorite brand. Most of the deer I’ve taken was with a .44 Mag Marlin 336… So it has a solid place in my heart. And we can’t even get any of the Marlin pistol calibers. I could have sold a hundred this summer… instead, I sold none. Can’t sell it if I can’t get it. Come on Remington!

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  1. To be honest, this was what I was afraid would happen when the Freedom group bought Marlin. They moved production facilities and lost the people that knew those product lines. It’s really very sad.

    1. I had better hopes for the deal. I was optimistic. Looks like I was wrong. I think Marlin still has potential. They latest models got a lot of people interesting in Levers again… unfortunately they were never able to get production up on those new guns… they could have sold a ton of them. Shame.

  2. I am sad to see this happen, I am a HUGE fan of Marlin levers.
    The ones I have handles with the REP proof stamp on them have left me cold tho.
    I would almost rather see them retire the marlin name… than see them put out the garbage they have been.


  3. Yeah, I wondered when this shoe would drop – can’t find a good 1894C used without it being marked way up due to the new ones barely existing in the pipeline. It figures.

    When I think “Remington” I think of 870’s, 700’s, the sleeper Model 7’s. I think they’ve pooched the “Sendero” line several times.
    Marlin should do levers, and maybe a few rimfires – leave it at that.

  4. Well considering that the closest thing to a decent out of the box lever action seems to be manufactured in Brazil these days it would kind of make since for Springfield to get into the lever action business since they had connections down there.
    I’d even consider a skanky Mossberg if they hadn’t safetied the trigger in to total crap.
    I was reading a review on Winchester’s Japanese production of the side eject ’94 and getting excited, until I looked at the four figure price tag.
    Maybe I’m totally wrong and the market for lever actions isn’t what I think it is?

    1. I don’t expect the new Winchesters to be significant in the market… you are right. They are far too expensive, by double.

  5. Just got a .450 Marlin 1895 M and love it inspite of the high cost of ammo. Going to start reloading again. The .30-30 I have had for nearly 25 years, shame.

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