The Glock 23 in School

The MAG-40 class is a subject unto its self.  And will be.  My thoughts at the moment are about the Glock 23 .40 caliber pistol that is on my hip right now, and was with me through the course.  Riding of course, in my Sharkhide rig from Adams Holsters, which was asked about all the time through the course.  Sharp looking rig, good rig, and it worked great through the class.

I will make this point as clear as I can.  The Crusader Modified Glock 23 RTF2 performed flawlessly. It shot point of aim, point of impact when I did my job right.  The gun was digesting some horrid ammunition.  I did what I had sworn that I would never do… I used steel cased ammo for the class.  500 rounds of Tulammo, 180 grains.  Let me tell you, this stuff is complete crap.  I could feel the differences in pressure from one shot to the next.  Some rounds felt like 10mm loads, others felt like they were damn near squibs. But it was cheap. 14 bucks a box, so I snagged it.  I am impressed with the Glock in that it shot all of that very well.  I had zero malfunctions of any sort.  Period.

I do believe that my groups could have been better with some better ammo, but I can’t make any excuses.  Just before the course, Gundoc gave my Glock a Trigger Job, which caused me some stumble at first – all the sudden I had a different trigger than I was used to!  But I quickly adapted to the new pull and I was well pleased with the result.  The same weight, but it was crisper and there is no over-travel.  Very nice.  Using this combination, I shot a 298 out of 300.  I’ll take that. I’ll happily take that.  I wanted 300.  I wanted it bad.  But the shots I dropped, high and left, were not the fault of the gun or the ammunition.  Those were my mistakes and I’ll own those.

I’ve taken other guns to other courses and sometimes I come away unhappy with the gun or pleased, depending on things.  I was less than satisfied with Beretta and CZ in some shoots… HK and SIG has pleased me… and now this Glock has pleased me a great deal.  I am very confident with this pistol and I am more and more impressed with it.

I think I’d like to change up the Warren Tacticals.  I like the straight 8 configuration, but I wish the front sight had a white ring around the tritium insert.  There was a couple instances where I lost the front sight post…. totally my fault, but I think some more visibility would have been a help.

Other pistols in the course I observed had some issues.  I observed a couple XD’s with light primer strikes, and one that had a trigger return spring that failed and the shooter, Gail Pepin, had to change to another weapon.  Kimber’s had some issues after the first day… one just didn’t want to run.  Others had failures to eject.  S&W M&P’s ran gun, only a couple failures to feed a couple times.  I saw no failures with any of the Glocks on the range.  Now, my Glock did give me some trouble with failing to lock back on an empty mag.  Reason being, Gundoc also gave me an extended slide release and my Ogreish thumb kept riding it.  This didn’t slow me down though and my mag changes were just fine.  It’s easy to count 6 Shots when you only load 6 rounds n the magazine every time.

The solid reputation for accuracy and reliability of Glock handguns is well earned.

If I was going to take the MAG-40 class again, I think I would bring a 4″ revolver.


14 thoughts on “The Glock 23 in School”

  1. Good to hear about the G23.
    I saw in your pics that Mas was carrying a wheelgun.
    I have got to take a course, I will only learn a small amount by myself at a range.
    Glad to see that you had a good experience.


    1. Mas not only packed a Clockwork Handgun… but in demonstrating the final Qual Course… Took the time between reloads to sip water from a water bottle, not rushing, to demonstrate that you had time to work with. It was pretty cool.

      I’ll go over the course in more detail later.

      Oh, other guns that had some issues – Ruger SR9C and a Taurus 24/7.

  2. *puts on instructor cap*

    It’s not a slide RELEASE! Stop calling it that! Stop USING it as that! Use your reaction hand to cycle the slide, so you’re doing the same motion no matter WHY the gun stopped going bang!

    *takes off instructor cap*


    1. That is one school of thought… The other school is that I can slingshot the slide on the gun which uses both hands when that suites me and I can release the slide by pushing the slide stop down when that suites me as well. Both are correct when used at the correct time.
      (Instructor cap tilted at a jaunty angle)

  3. Id kill to have your oppertunity, I swear it is on my bucket list to take a full course (shooting & law) from Massad. It sounds like your Glock served you well…bu it also sounds like you need to shop around for your ammo as I found 40 S&W Aguilla and Privi for a buck less a box than what you paid for your Russian garbage.

  4. Hi George, Sara had an XDM nearly identical to Gail and had no issues. A difference, slipstream :). Sara’s ran flawlessly through our 5 or 6 hundred rounds.

    1. Ah… that’s a big difference! The 3.8 Sub Compact XDM remains quite tempting to me. I kept looking at it today… tempting tempting tempting…

  5. I envy you for having the chance to take his class that’s on my list of things I really hope I get to do in my life. Reading your notes from the class was awesome as well!

    Glad to hear the holster did the job for ya too;)

    Take care!


  6. I know of one guy who put an Xspress big dot sight on the Front of his Glock and a Novak half ghost for the rear for IDPA. You might finger print those if you have them in stock.

  7. Check out Ameriglo’s GL-112 front sight with their iDot rear, seems to be what you’re looking for. I have their Hackathorn combo on my G19 with an orange ring around the tritium in the front sight and it is awesome.

    Hopefully I’ll make it to one of Mas’ courses someday, I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed his writing.

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