A Ride to Washington.

I might kick off the start of Autumn by a motorcycle ride to Washington State.  There is only one doctor in the world that I have any trust in, and he’s in Washington.  I am considering this trip… But I don’t know yet.

I’m not sure as to what route I’d go, but I’m thinking north up through to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, then through Spokane into Seattle.  I would burn up all my vacation days… and I’d take my time.  On this ride.  No rush.  No hurry.  No Conquering the Road like in trips past.  Just an easy ride through the Pacific Northwest.


8 thoughts on “A Ride to Washington.”

  1. Sounds like the I15 to I90 route. C’mon, you know you want to take US93 up through Idaho, then US12 over Lolo. Up 195 through the Palouse to pick up US2 to the Seattle metro area. Much nicer trip.

    1. Don’t know yet. Haven’t picked my route. But I wont be going through or near Oregon. Riding along the Snake River, with those crosswinds… not fun.

  2. Well if you need a place to crash I have an open room near N Tacoma that is mins from the I-5. On Lake Tapps, great place to recover before that long hard ride home…

  3. If you’re going as far North as Spokane, it might be worth your while to stop by Grand Coolie Dam, and Leavenworth, WA if you have not previously visited them.

  4. I have a free room up in Stanwood, wich is a little up north, much more country, but still only 45 minutes from Seattle. Try to hit US 20 if you are coming over, it is a truly spectacular ride.

  5. if you can spare the hours (and the passes are open) the north cascade highway (20) is well worth the detour

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