I’m officially back into reloading

Owning another .44 Magnum means one thing is for certain.  I am now officially back into reloading.

I’ll need to acquire all the hardware and components of course… but yeah… I’m a Reloader again.  I can get an Omega 800 press for 23 bucks.  A set of dies for 30 bucks.  And that’s off to a pretty good start.  Biggest thing though, is all the brass.  And making sure I pick up brass.

Anyone want to trade .44 Mag brass for .308 brass?

7 thoughts on “I’m officially back into reloading”

  1. Hey good luck with the reloading.

    Cabelas sells a nice Omega starter kit for $170. Same kit from Sears is $150. You probably sell some nice kits at your store too. Don’t know if you get a discount for working there or not.

    Other things you may need like case trimmer, dial caliper, bullet puller, lube pad, tumbler and media, powder charger/trickle charger, scale, hand primer (a must have item), brush to clean out primer holes in the brass, just off the top of my head.

    I have a multistage shotgun loader, a Dillon 650, and a single stage similar to the Omega. I use the Dillon mainly for handgun (and handgun compatable rifle rounds) and the single stage to load hunting rounds for long brass rifle rounds.

    My Dillon has the case feeder. I love mass producing handgun rounds and making a cartridge with every pull of the handle. The quick change die stations are nice too. Set ’em up once and you are done. Just monitor OAL and weight every 10 rounds and you are good to go.

    I’m anal and I end up measuring OAL and weight on every round after production. I don’t have too but I love reloading and I don’t mind spending the extra time to ensure consistancy on every single round. I’d say it’s even theraputic to me…like meditation. But that’s just me.

  2. George, I have an extra dial caliper, balance beam scale & powder trickler and even the Speer #13 manual that I’ll gladly let you borrow for as long as you need. I might even have 50 rounds of brass that I can throw in.

    1. Matt, I appreciate it… but I’ve got a lot of stuff like that and I can get it for next to nothing via Employee Discounts and just pulling “Hey, I’m the Ogre and I need some shit.”

  3. I hear you. Other than small amounts of carry ammo, I haven’t even bought factory handgun ammo since before the Obamalypse. Was at the store today, and I just can’t bring myself to pay $20/50 of .380, or $30+/50 of 10mm. The reloading gear has been getting quite a workout lately, however.

  4. I don’t shoot 44 Mag (45 Colt-Ruger loads guy) but have picked up ~20 1x 44 Mag cases on a recent range trip (guy was burning money — why should he pickup his brass?). Drop me a line w/ post info and I’ll drop them in the mail to you gratis.

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