Easy S&W Revolver Action Job

Okay, so the revolver I was working on was actually a Taurus… a .17HMR Tracker to be specific.  Here’s what you do.

Follow these easy steps for awesome results:

1.  Take off the grips.

2.  Remove the screws holding on the side plate, turn the gun over and give it a tap.  Side plate falls right out.

3.  Remove old lubricant from inside the lockwork.

4.  Shake your Slipstream Bottle for a minute.

5.  Apply Slipstream to the Lockwork.

6.  Apply Slipstream to the cylinder crane and ejector.

7.  Reassemble and wipe down.   Done.

Once I was finished with this Taurus, this thing felt like it was a S&W Pro Series.  Not quite up there with a Performance Center, but really damn good.   Most guys would be giddy to have their S&W feel this good.

2 thoughts on “Easy S&W Revolver Action Job”

  1. Holy Crap! I just did this with my S&W 442, it just rolls through!

    Excellent product George, the trigger pull is smoothed out and I used to get the dreaded, J-Frame front sight wobble. No more, this stuff is awesome!

  2. I’ve been applying Slipstream to all my weapons as I cycle them through my cleaning schedule.
    The last recipient of your product was a Swedish Mauser made in 1911. If I weren’t already married I’d have proposed right there at the range. As it is my wife does NOT like all the time I’ve spent with the rifle. Cycles like … well, if the stories my Uncle John told ’bout the Craig are true like that. Two guys a few lanes over were shooting a M-N 44. I let them put a few rounds through my Swede. They packed up and left. One wanted to leave “that Russian piece of crap” behind but the range officer said they had to take it.

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