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The other problem that I’m having is finding a Range for Crusader Training.  I had picked out a couple good alternative locations for the Tactical Carbine course.  But we’ve run into a snag.  Let me explain.

This winter we’ve had over 180% snow fall.  The run off from the spring melt is… a lot.  Rivers all around Utah are at flood stage. Rivers here in the Uintah Basin are running pretty dang good.  The Green has risen to levels that has forced the evacuations of 6 homes.  What are normally old dried creekbeds are rivers again in other areas, and these rivers are going to be flowing hard in a matter of days.

Well, the areas I had planned on using for the Training are on the other sides of some of these areas.  I can’t get to them now.  Well, you could get to them if you had an airboat, helicopter or a Trek Transporter.  The scary thing is that the run off is not even really bad now, compared to what it’s going to be!  The mountains have been pretty cold up in the higher elevations…. meaning the stuff up there really hasn’t even started melting yet, even if the week of rain hasn’t helped yet.  Ran down here, snow up in the mountains.   I don’t ever remember year when Winter has held on so tenaciously.  It wants to get warm… but that’s just has not been happening.  What’s going to happen now is that we are going to go from Snow Condition, straight into Summer Weather in the 90’s and all that water is going to come down all at once.   With the ground being as saturated as it is… it’s going to be ugly.

Come June 4th, the run off is going to be torrential.  I’m fully expecting the highway from Ogre Ranch into town to be washed out in 6 places like it did a few years ago… when the snow pack wasn’t nearly this deep.   Some of you guys will remember coming out to the Buckskin Hills Range a few years ago and we had that bridge washed out and everyone had to detour… Well, that’s expected to happen again, but this time there isn’t going to be a detour option.  Flooding is going sweep that whole lower area and getting across just isn’t going to happen.

Don’t worry about us though.  We’re going to be fine.  Ogre Ranch is up on high ground, so no worries there.  But my frustration is that this leaves me with Zero Training Locations right now, probably through till July.

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  1. If Ogre Ranch is large enough, why don’t you incorporate Crusader Training there and use part of the ranch as a tax deductable training facility? Run it as a for-profit business (C-corporation) and deduct all of the associated expenses.

    Or am I mistakenly assuming that when you say “ranch” you mean “RANCH-ranch” (thanks, Whoopee), comprising more than just a couple of acres?

    Barring that, why not look for a few acres to turn into a dedicated training site; that would be on high ground, and accessable year-round (not counting during the Apocolypse)?

    There would seem to be a fair number of tax advantages; and ways to make money from the facility (gun shows, major, minor and regional matches and matches of your own design, etc.)

    1. Ogre Ranch is not big enough. If it was at all possible, this would have been done from Day One.
      If God Smiles on us and I can get the property I want, Ogre Ranch will be moved to another location where training can be held on site, students could come out, stay awhile on an almost completely private island. Train, Hunt, Fish for a week or so… all at a very reasonable rate. There would be a Bunk House just for Vagrant Students to come out and stay in. Hell, most of the cost could be traded for hammer swinging time to fix up the Bunk House and Range.
      I just need 350K.

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