Shotguns vs MSR’s for Home Defense.

A well respected Firearms Trainer and Friend,  has recently done a video about AR’s vs Shotgun for Home Defense.   Follow that Link, and check it out.  And then come back here.   I am forced to respectfully disagree.

Rob’s demonstration proves the effectiveness at stopping a threat.  A shotgun is a devastating weapon.   It’s the most potent stopping tool we have.   Rob’s conclusion though was that he prefers the AR-15 rifle (or other Modern Sporting Rifle) due to Capacity and Speed of Reload.   Which are good points, but forgets the mission and purpose the weapon is employed for.  This is for Home Defense.  So unless you live in Helms Deep, the shotgun will be the better option.


Wait… is that really true?  Would an AR be the better option at Helms Deep?

We saw the Battle of Helms Deep was pretty much going the way of the Defenders for most of the battle.  The Orcish Horde was suffering heavy attrition until one thing happened.


The Breeching Orc took several small caliber hits, but his hostile action was not stopped.  This is like what an AR-15 would do.   Don’t believe me?  Read the book “Blackhawk Down” by Mark Bowden.  The one the movie of the same name was based on.   Great book, and you should have it in your Library.    It describes in detail the lack of stopping power that 5.56mm has.

Warning:  Graphic Image Follows:

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Some “Gun Guys” get a burr up their asses when someone who knows little about guns, says “Clip” instead of “Magazine”.   Some gun guys turn into pedantic asshats about this and regardless of the situation just can’t help but to go into full lecture mode to make sure that they beat the “proper terminology” into their heads.   And it wouldn’t be so bad if you just said something like “If it has a spring, it’s a magazine,” and move on… But interjecting your “Knowledge Bomb” with the whole looking down your nose, half sneer, and eye rolls only makes you look like a complete jackwagon.

Instead of rolling easy, you guys have to puff out your chest like a Male Sage Grouse trying to impress a Mate.   Then once you’ve beaten your point into the ground like your driving railroad spikes, you then act smug as if you’ve fixed some part of the world that was broken and now can be healed thanks to your blessed wisdom dispensation.

Some times I’ve observed the results of this…  and it’s not good. You’ve taken a new and curious shooter that wants to learn… and turned them off completely.   I’ve seen this happen at Ranges.  I’ve seen this happen at Gun Counters.   I’ve seen Customers do this to other Customers… and I’ve even seen Gun Counter Guys do this to someone who was a Customer, but suddenly are no longer one.  And then they don’t want to go back.  Because people don’t like being talked down to.  This does us no good and seriously – Who the hell really cares?    This isn’t important.

Clips vs Magazines – It doesn’t matter.   Both are devices that hold ammunition… That’s close enough.  It’s not “Shoulder Thing that Goes Up” level of ignorance… So let’s let this shit slide and then offer some educational training in a more subtle way, okay?