Between Gun Wants, and Gun Buys

We all say that we “Want” that next cool gun… But the reality is that Want isn’t the same thing as “That’s the next on the list after this payday” sort of thing.  I’ve said that I want probably every gun on the market at one point or another.

For example, the Ruger Scout Rifle.   You bet, I wanted that.  Still want it.  But then the actual practicality of it comes home to roost and when it comes right down to spending my own actual dollars on it – I really don’t think I’ll be buying the Ruger Scout any time soon.  Instead, I’d probably buy a Savage Scout, or the Savage Hog Hunter.

I say I’d really like to buy a Browning Hi-Power.  In reality I’ll probably end up with a CZ 75 variant of some sort.  Probably the 75 BD POLICE model.

This isn’t so much “settling” for a lesser gun or anything like that, but it’s more like taking a stern look at the realities of price and availability or making a more rational decision on something more practical for your actual use.

Examples of this abound in my Gun History.  How about yours?