Synthetic Scout

Now that Ruger has made their Gunsight Scout with a Synthetic Stock, which has shaved a pound off the gun, I’m finding it difficult to make excuses in not getting one.   I got notification from a distributor that they have some.  *sigh*
The problem was that I was wanting to get another lever action first.  Now that choice has been made into a question again, and that irritates me.
See… this is the problem with working in the Gun Industry.  One must be very jaded or one doesn’t bring home any paycheck to pay the bills.   One muse shield yourself by being unimpressed with New and Shiny.  One must be picky and snobbish about firearms that one could buy.
When I first got to Jacksonville, I had to sell my .45-70… because money was tight with paying a Mortgage and Rent and Moving Expenses and setting up a new house with things like Utilities and Toilet Paper and Food.  I’ve not purchased a gun since.  And that’s really getting under my skin.
And as you guys know – I’ve been jonesing for a revolver.  A 4″ GP-100.   But I’d take a different revolver… like a 686 SSR or TRR8.   And I’ve been really wanting a Mossberg 464 SPX, because it’s so Borderlands crazy.
Now, here’s my fear.  I dip into that well of Gun Buying and I may not be able to stop myself… I might bing… and that’s not cool.  Think of this like an Alcoholic that works at the liquor store that wants to sample a couple things.  One must be cautious.
And then there is the new Synthetic Scout – just like I had wanted from Ruger since the Scout first came out.