The Dems are pushing for global violence

For some reason, the Democrats are pushing forward the releasing of a CIA Report that outlines the use of enhanced interrogations.
Allied Governments have all said this report will lead to violence and death.  All our Intel Advisors have all said that this report will lead to violence and death.
Yet the Democrats, with the White House approval, are going to release this report.
This is a childish, “If we can’t have it, no one can have it” sort of thing.  This is why Landlords require big deposits for Renters… Trashing the place before you leave it.   The Dems are the worst at this.  Remember the missing “W” keys from all the Keyboards when Bush won?
But this is a whole new level of low.  This is them wanting to watch the whole world burn.  Just so they can point fingers and blame Republicans.
But we will all know this is a lie… This is all on the Dems for this one.