Why I prefer Glock

It’s all about simplicity, really.  Nothing needs to be tuned or tweaked.  Nothing needs adjusted.  Out of the box, you could take it, unprepared to a 500 round pistol course and run it without problems.  Then when you get home you can throw it in your gun vault and neglect it for as long as you like.  When you take it out again, it will still run.
Any “upgrades” are optional.  Such as sights.  You can shoot it just fine with the factory sights, but may find improvement with some aftermarket options.  But that doesn’t effect the reliability.  It’s out of box performance is exceptional.  Easily the best I’ve experienced.  Even better than S&W M&P’s and XDM’s, both of which are outstanding systems.  And while many complain that Glock is uncomfortable – that’s something that is easily changed like the Sights.  You can do it yourself.  At home.  With some sandpaper and a soldering iron that you can buy for 10 bucks from Harbor Freight. I did.

Hate and Loathing in D.C.

Congress showed their hand prematurely.


The Obama Administration asks you to sacrifice everything.  Your health, your lives, and the well being of your families.  They ask you to train yourselves to stomp on those that simply ask that the Government follow the Constitution.  They label your fellow Veterans as National Threats, potential Terrorists, or Dangers to society.  You are only useful to them while you are in Uniform and On Duty.  And as soon as you take off your Uniform, you become one of Them… those very people you were told to keep an eye on, to watch out for, to be ready to fight “just in case”.    They don’t care about you.  You are just a guard dog, to be chained up in the back yard when not needed.   They consider you only to be political pawns at best.   They are in fact disgusted by your very existence.  This Administration has shown that it does not care… They cut your benefits, they cut your health care… Hell, they were even closing your Post Exchanges when and were they could.  Where your families buy their groceries.  4th of July Fireworks?  They cancelled them.

These people think you are stupid. I forget who it was, Vice President Al Core or then Senator John Kerry that pointed to the Marines and threatened his children that if they don’t do well in school they will end up like those Marines. WTF kind of respect is that? That’s not respect. That’s loathing. You Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers, are beneath them. They hate you. And they want you to hate Civilians that love the Constitution. The very document that you swore your Oaths to Protect and Defend.

How long must this be endured?