Shooting just for some fun.

It’s good to get out and just pop a few rounds for fun. Nothing serious. Brought a couple of my boys out, joined by Louis Quarleno and we just had some fun shooting just for the fun of shooting.

The guns were my Daniel Defense DDM47vLW, and a Bushmaster ACR. Both great rifles. No malfs. No problems.
I have to say that my Daniel Defense keeps creeping up the later in “Favorite Rifle Ever” category. It’s the Light Weight version, but with the Battle Comp 1.5 on it – there’s just no recoil to speak of and the accuracy is right up there were my Rock River Elite A4 was, but the Daniel Defense is 1/2 the weight of that beast. The other thing I really like on the Daniel Defense is the Lucid HD7 optic. Simple, Solid, and it just works. I love the reticle options, but pretty much just always keep it on the T shaped option, because it’s fast and accurate… or I should say that I’m the fastest and most accurate with it.

Oh, and as you can see, I was playing around with my Drift HD Camera. The Glocks came out too, but no video of that. Even though we did try to mount the Drift HD under Q’s Glock 17. It worked, but the video result was just boring.