An Open Letter to all Democrat Mormons.

Your hypocrisy disgusts me to the core. You are Mormon and yet you follow the wicked persuasions of Democratic Party and “Liberal” (though they polluted the meaning of the word) Ideology. As a Mormon your Faith requires you to avoid even the appearance of Sin… Yet you support the Party that delights in it. It promotes sexual promiscuity, and removes the responsibility of it. It excuses it as “there is nothing wrong with that” and dismisses the repercussions to the soul.
It’s the party that fosters it and forces it to children through public education where the curriculum teaches oral and anal sex as alternatives to intercourse to avoid pregnancy. And should that unfortunate “condition” occur… The child is able to ask for and be granted abortions, without parental consent or notification. The allowance and excuses for the murdering of infants… killing life so precious they are spotless before God. Your Party supports all of that and you support that Party.
All of this against the tenents of your Faith… You, Democrats make very poor Mormons and I am ashamed that you are members if my same Church… To think I would have to sit in a Sacrament Meeting with you and watch you take the bread and water and make a Mockery of those covenants. Blood and Sin are the hallmarks of that you support. You need to repent to the God of Heaven and beg his forgiveness. How any Democrat is allowed in His Church I’ve no idea… but they should be driven from his Houses like Jesus drove out the money changers from the Temple.

Or am I wrong on this? I know that Church is for Sinners and all that… but if I don’t pay a full tithing, I can’t go to the temple. But if I believe Democrats are awesome and Reid and Pelosi are heroes for keeping the USA Pro-Choice… supporting hundreds of thousands of abortions. I can just slide on through into the temple. Is it a money thing? You can buy your way in? Because that’s what it seems like. Harry Reid is a Mormon, and it is rumored that he goes to the temple.
What did Jesus say about rich men entering the kingdom of heaven? Eye of needle, what?
To get your temple recommend, your pass to go into the temple… you have to answer some questions. One of them is “do you support any organization that is counter to the beliefs of the church”. The Democrat Party is 180 Degrees opposed to Mormon belief.

Maybe I’m wrong here. If I am, tell me why… not with political reasons… doctrine reasons. Show me where in the Scriptures or Articles of Faith or Gospel Principles or Conference Talks that I’m wrong.
Show me.